Here’s another one


~ by Servetus on April 14, 2016.

18 Responses to “Here’s another one”

  1. Nice one! He’s obviously got a pretty fit body under that white shirt! I believe it’s pretty humid there so I hope he finds the clothes comfortable 🙂

  2. Playing with that thumb cuticle.

  3. I really hope people don’t complain about the lack of selfies. This does just fine and he looks really busy from the video posted last time.

  4. I hope people don’t complain about the lack of selfies. These pictures do just fine, and he looks busy from the video posted last time.

    • too late.

      • Bleep! Bleep! Bleepity-Bleep!

        • It’s funny that you mentioned this because I’d been thinking about it a lot this morning. To me, this is the purpose of Twitter — you can say anything, ask for anything directly. So I don’t think it’s really a problem to ask for one or complain about the lack of them (as it’s neither illegal nor immoral). That it bugs me is my own problem, and I lay this down to conventions of manners that I was taught as a child, and those are highly relative.

          • I like tweet a witty reply to anything he tweets. If I ever get any banter out of him, call the Vatican I think I have a miracle. 😉

            • good luck!

              • I don’t need luck, I need a miracle or a well-played ritual in the woods. (Kidding!) To be honest I don’t do it all the time. It’s the equivalent being desperate for me. I like him, I would like to clone him, but I have both feet in my reality.

                Although the more I am on, the more I am ready for that miracle.

  5. I’m not looking, but online dating is basically incomprehensible to me anyway. I’ve never understood the appeal. I know millions of people do, though. I’m just a weirdo.

    • I so agree on the online dating. ..if I were ever single again (not like it’s an option, lol), it would never come into my mind as a choice or approach. Such a foreign idea to me. I have heard of successes, however! I think I’d just prefer to widen my experiences in person to “drag a wider net” of acquaintances, rather than online. I’m more conservative as I age, it seems! Wishing you luck, however, Fatimah!

    • I think the appeal is for people who want to be looking for a relationship but have trouble meeting new people. If I was interested in trying to find a man to be in a romantic relationship with, online meeting would be the way. It’s a numbers game. With modern life making it so easy to live in our silos, it can be hard to meet people.

      • That’s a helpful explanation — thanks. Until January I met so many people that I kind of found it overwhelming. (But then again, I’m not looking.) More power to those who are!

      • True…. I hear you. However, in New York, there is the opposite of that scenario. There are a ridiculous amount of people to meet, so much so, that sometimes one would wish for a silo. I live in a suburb, and on any given evening in the surrounding townships, the restaurants and tapas/wine bars and trendy breweries offer a stream of available people. Then there are the museums, townwide fundraisers for every imaginable charity and school. Heck…come on over, those who are looking shall find! 😀 But seriously, I do see and understand the appeal of online dating for many who have limited outlets for meeting people. Carpe diem!

  6. Avez-vous entendu parlé d’un challenge, pour influencer les anglais au sein de la communauté européenne, à voter contre le brexit lors du référendum.
    Il s’agit pour les personnes de l’UE de prendre un anglais dans leurs bras: “Hug a Brit’ campaign”,…/social-media-embraces-hug-a...
    Qu’elle chance pour monsieur Armitage d’avoir eu deux charmants gentleman pour ce challenge!

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