No more guitar hero?

Richard Armitage deletes the two guitar-related selfies he tweeted. Maybe he decided to switch to Fender?

~ by Servetus on July 8, 2016.

23 Responses to “No more guitar hero?”

  1. A never ending story…. #delatimania 😆

  2. I hope he hasn’t pulled out of the film, but I find the lack of official confirmation rather suspicious.

  3. He deleted guitar tweets indeed …to bad. well, maybe he quits the project.. I have a guess, he made up his mind to change the occupation from an actor to a politician. . Sorry, it’s a bad joke , I’m just very upset because of this deleting.

  4. Maybe there is a schedule delay and it conflicts with his play. Toby Stephens had to drop out earlier, right? But if so, that is sad because I was looking forward to the film.

  5. I think that he is still doing this movie. I have a feeling/just thinking that maybe some people were maybe teasing him/leaving comments on his twitter about those selfies with the guitar. I think that Mr. Richard Armitage needs to put back those photos and tweets, etc. and be proud of what he is doing and not be afraid of offending people.

  6. Richard liked a fan’s tweet re MidLifeCrisis , so maybe it’s not as bad as I thought and he is still in project

  7. Mmmmhh…he has unfollowed the director and the producer of Mid-Life Crisis + the film ….. uughhhh… That looks unsettling… Things in England seem to be a bit rocky these days..

  8. Yeah — I would say as far as the Delphic Oracle goes, this is pretty decisive.

    • I agree. Maybe the financing fell apart because of referendum.

      • I was wondering that myself. Although if it was US financing everything in England is now 10 percent cheaper.

    • Could they possibly have had an issue with all the political tweets? I mean it is England, where he has every right to do so.

      • I doubt that. I want to stress that I don’t know the reason and there are all kinds of things that are outside of my ken / purview on this. I’d guess that the delays on filming that pushed Toby Stephens out of the project are possibly being extended and that this makes doing LLL a problem. If the financing for the film was supposed to come from the UK, I am guessing that it just got a lot harder to find investors there, as well. But this is only a guess. There could be all kinds of reasons.

    • Maybe the George Michael look didn’t “work” for the director?!

  9. […] Earlier today fans learned that @RichardArmitage deleted his rock star guitar selfies. […]

  10. oh 😦 he seems to be still following people in the project but the timings were tight and i guess it could interfere with LLL… then again i can’t prevent myself thinking that the local uncertainty may have affected this as well, financing most likely if that’s the case.. Feeling sad as the idea of this particular movie was such a treat. Sigh. As if i didn’t know how quick such projects can fall apart, for a million reasons, but it was a movie i would have loved seeing him in. Oh well, let’s hope at least some projects will still come together, like the play.

  11. Seems to constantly be problems regarding the productions of his latest endeavors. Why is it he has more movies sitting on the shelf that he has worked so hard on and that will not get picked up? I read where even Urban and the Shed Crew had not really even been released, I guess it was just shown in the district to promote and like Sleepwalker and so many others is just waiting for someone to say this is worth backing. So fare the only hopeful we may have of seeing are Brain on Fire and Pilgrimage if someone decides they are worth backing. Sure wish someone would wise up and pick a good company with clout.

    • Elliot Lester tweeted today that the Sleepwalker movie is still alive and they sre planning the release. BOF should be released in Fall, at least Chloe Moritz said about on Twitter. Pilgrimage will go to TIFF this month, so there is a hope the film also will be released this year. Am I too optimistic? ☺

      • Possibly, lol 🙂 I tend not to boost stuff like that because I get frustrated with getting my hopes up.

  12. I find it such a shame that here is a hauntingly, sexy, very talented man, who put his heart and soul/ practiced for over a month of playing guitar and singing for this movie to find out that it is not going to be made. I wish that Mr. Richard Armitage would put out a cd of the music that he was going to do in this movie. all of us have heard him sing in the movie The Hobbit but it was only for maybe a minute. a lot of us was looking forward to this movie not because of the storyline but because Mr. Richard Armitage was in it and was going to sing songs and play an instrument.

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