And the tweet about deleting is … deleted

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~ by Servetus on July 17, 2016.

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  1. Seriously? I just read it to my husband 15 minutes ago!
    (He liked it… or said he did to try to get me, more likely 😉

    • I have the disadvantage of reading Twitter native, on a computer screen, not via a client. So yeah. It’s gone.

  2. Haaaa – ich sag’s ja. KURIOS!
    Irgendwie beschleicht mich langsam der Verdacht, dass er uns veräppelt und sich köstlich amüsiert…

    • that is often Guylty’s theory.

      • Bingo. And because I am still on holidays, I keep missing the various breaking points as they happen. As for my theory – I actually thought it was valid (and funny) while it concerned selfies and naughty jokes. But when it comes to matters like exchange of ideas, debate or politics, I don’t believe it is a laughing matter anymore and I would rather like to believe he is not amusing himself by deliberately sowing discord among his fans.

        • Indeed.

        • But you know — this is a really classic shit-stirring behavior (I won’t say trolling). Say something, then delete evidence you’ve said it. You succeed in making everyone angry but you yourself never look like the source of the problem.

          • For some reason – call it naivety – I still believe that that is not his intention. But what do I know? Someone posted a RA quote on Twitter today “But only I know what goes on in my head”. The mystery lives on…

            • He doesn’t have the usual personality features of a troll, as far as I can tell, with one exception: he is starting to look as if he is passive aggressive.

              • Du sollst mich nicht ungefragt zitieren 😂

              • Lots of nice people are that way, I find…. probably more men than women.

                • hm i wonder, maybe we women are better at articulating in less aggressive ways , ie masking it with words but the feelings behind them are the same 🙂 just sayin’

                  • Perhaps, I was thinking the passive aggressive tendencies seem (to me) to be more common among men…. but upon thinking about it, I think it may be more of a mixed gender response 🙂 i.e. men toward women & women toward men. I certainly can’t prove it though 🙂

                    I do agree in general that women are more comfortable than men expressing emotions (probably other than anger) since they have more cultural permission to do so, at least in America.

    • Ich hoffe, dass er uns veräppelt, alles andere ist Kindergarten! 🙂

  3. so it seems that conflict resolution to him means “erase and pretend it never happened”, which means it will most assuredly happen again…and again…and again. he’s taking away the opportunity to learn and grow, to try and understand other viewpoints. so disappointing.

  4. There is no other way to read this than that he’s expressing displeasure and annoyance over the discussion happening right here and elsewhere.

    • you don’t think he realized that he had been a jerk earlier?

      • No

        • I’m obligated after 12 years of reciting Luther’s Catechism every week to ask that question.

          • Luther’s catechism says we should give jerks the benefit of the doubt?

            • Yes, explanation to the 8th commandment. “8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. What does this mean for us? We are to fear and love God so that we do not betray, slander, or lie about our neighbor, but defend him, speak well of him, and explain his actions in the kindest way.” I feel like I’ve lived my entire life in rebellious dialogue with this little gem.

              • What’s the Jewish version? There’s a lot in between slander, betray or lie. Says nothing about criticism. Both Jesus and Luther were critics, and, notwithstanding my terribly deficient religious education, weren’t they both criticizing, trying to improve, institutions they loved, but thought went off course?

              • The Jewish understanding of this is much more delimited, pertaining to false testimony / lying about others in specific situations such as before a court. There’s a separate notion in Judaism that is related, “l’shon hara,” which means that you shouldn’t tell a negative truth about someone else if it serves to purpose. Jesus expanded it in the sense that it’s a requirement for going to heaven. Xty in general adds l’shon hara to false witness to suggest that humans should not tell lies, negative truths that have no purpose other than to detract, gossip, etc.

                Jesus was a critic of Judaism and Luther was a critic of the Latin Catholic Church. You also have to keep in mind where and when I was raised. “Don’t speak ill of others in public or mixed company” is an important rule for getting along in the Midwest.

                I think for me, the “defend his actions in the kindest way” has led to me often not realizing immediately when I am being gaslighted. But it’s always been a struggle — it’s a case of being preached at in a way that makes me want to commit the sin.

              • Interesting. For me it only means ‘don’t lie’. I never included the defending bit into it, can’t recall my congregation to do so either, and I am a protestant (Lutheran), but maybe ‘lighter’ fraction of the church than you are used to.

                • Most German Lutherans I know never had to memorize the catechism; we started when we were 6. And yes, the LCMS is not very much like the Landeskirche. The closest church body in German is the ELFK.

            • As a subordinate point that probably interests mainly me, in terms of moral philosophy, while there are absolutely positive commandments in Judaism, there’s a trend to hold them in, as with Maimonides’ rule, “that which is hateful to you, do not do to others” (as opposed to the Xian / Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you). Luther in particular was in favor of seeing the law as a sort of totalizing imperative that humans could not perform on their own, but in which they would be suffused once they were saved.

              • Von Richard Armitages Tweet-Löscherei in wenigen Sätzen zu Luthers und jüdischer Religionsauslegung – das muss dir erst mal jemand nachmachen. 😀

                • We do our best 🙂

                • Die philosophischen / theologischen Dimensionen, in die ihr hier immer mal wieder vorstoßt, die würde einem ein Außenstehender niemals abnehmen. Ich liebe das ❤

  5. Predictable that he’d delete it. But the tweet itself actually dropped my jaw. I thought he came off a bit arrogant,which isn’t his usual style. And it confirmed that he is sometimes paying attention.

    • Which is kind of horrible. Big Brother Richard.

      • Delusional if he thought it would work, too. =)

        • That’s for sure. I mean, the reason the blog is here is so that it can be read, but another reason it’s here is so that I and others have a chance to talk about Armitage in a place where he “isn’t.”

      • Big Brother Richard. Wouldn’t that be fun to have? I always wanted a big brother. Unfortunately, I had two mean older sister who use to beat the crap out of me.
        Jokes aside, I think it was kind of weird that he has been engaging fans with his responses then people being outraged by them followed his deleting his comments. Why is it a bad thing that he deletes his tweets when people have already seen and screenshot them? Even if he deletes his tweets, they never actually go away since so many people are following him and have copies of his tweets.

        • Because it creates the impression that he either doesn’t care about the topic or has changed his mind. When he does that on a topic people care about deeply (Orlando), it creates disappointment and anger.

  6. Oh, and I just about responded directly to him. Something I might have regretted. I refrained.

  7. I keep reading from different blogs about Mr. Richard Armitage being nice one minute and then the next minute not so nice. has anybody thought that maybe ( I am just thinking this, don’t know if true or not, so remember just thinking) that maybe that something bad might of happened in his personnel life and the only way( even though Mr. Richard Armitage doesn’t mean to get angry) is for him to kind of get angry on twitter or whatever website. I remembered when both my parents passed away, i was so angry, that if anybody tried to comfort me, I would just get angry at them and just start yelling, but they understood where i was coming from and they would just let me rant and rave and about two weeks I was finally my old self and I went and said sorry to my family and friends for my outburst and they told me it was okay that sometimes it is good to have outbursts once and awhile,it’s not good to keep it bottled up. so maybe that is what is going on with Mr. Richard Armitage that maybe something is wrong in his personeel life and he just needs to rant and rave and just get rid of the nice guy bit for just a little bit. I mean everbody in the world has had one of those days, weeks, months, years, etc. where you get angry and just rant and rave and when you finally get it all out of your system, you are back to your old self and you feel so much better.

    • I agree that we don’t know what’s going on his personal or professional life. No doubt there are things we don’t know about that make an impact on what’s happening. But to adduce explanations we have no evidence for breaks a fundamental logical rule — Occam’s Razor, which says that explanation is to be preferred which requires the least number of unprovable assumptions.

    • Or maybe the nice guy image, was just that – his PR image…?
      I guess he just can’t cope with this ‘directness’ of fan interaction on Twitter. He was probably more comfortable having it handled through interviews that were green lit by his agent. Trying to enter the US market said agent like.y persuaded him to go on Twitter, he helped set up the account but didn’t really give him all the tools and training to handle it in a professional manner. Just my guess though.

      • I’ve never thought he was especially nice — just normal nice, which in the industry he works in probably qualifies him for saintly status. But I agree, he obviously can’t cope with Twitter. He said he didn’t get it, that he didn’t see the point, and then he did it anyway. There were publicity people in his follows at the beginning anyway, but it’s entirely possible that even publicity people don’t understand how the medium works.

        • Yeah. I also think he’s a normal person, good days, bad days, warts and all. Nobody is good, nice and charming 24/7. But maybe being more involved in his fandom through Twitter makes it difficult for him to maintain a healthy distance? And if we were to assume he is (still) single, well maybe this is one of the reasons, because this kind of behaviour in RL would be an issue. Trying to shut down arguments like that, is in my experience counterproductive in relationships. Whatever the cause, it wasn’t well played on his part.

          • Every since he said, in an article about him that he ostensibly wrote himself, that he had a terrible temper, the kind you can’t apologize for, and that he was a people pleaser, I thought “this guy is not relationship material.” I dated someone like that once and you had no way to know if you were offending until the apocalypse occurred, which then took days to recover from.

            However, it is dangerous to adduce from online behavior to real life behavior, especially with someone who is so inexperienced with social media.

            • True (but the latter is so very tempting 😉🍷)

            • Nevermind “relationship material” – all those traits are bad for social media.

              There is a super cute cartoon by gimmehobbit that shows somebody trying to take away his phone from him – that should happen in real life! For his own good, never mind fandom’s.

              He’s obviously able to mitigate his actions/speech in real life because no one says anything bad about him. And he appears to have kept friends for a long time, and is possibly in a long term relationship.

              • I saw the cartoon, I laughed at it too.

                However, the fact that someone is in a long term relationship or has friends doesn’t mean they aren’t a jerk. It just means people put up with it.

                • Very true. I’ve just read Girl on a Train and let’s just say British men are not portrayed in the best of lights.

                  But it also makes me wonder – dude has got a play he’s preparing for, so why is he paying attention to what fans say about him on Twitter. its an argument he can never win – so why does he even try? I think there is a touch of arrogance but also a great deal of uncertainty in his response.

                  • Like I said elsewhere I think, I’ve always thought he was normal nice. Not especially nice.

                    But I think that the point about insecurity being connected to arrogance is a solid one and it’s not at all unusual, especially in men. Once sees it in students all the time; the impulse to build oneself up is related to one’s fears that one will be found wanting.

      • He made a couple of statements about not being interested in Twitter and then was (presumably) persuaded he needed to have an account for publicity purposes.

        I’m a great believer in following one’s gut instinct. RA should have followed his gut on this one because he really doesn’t seem suited to Twitter.

        • The thing is can you imagine the uproar if he quit? OMG.

          Instagram. Instagram.

          • Instagram?

            • it’s a Twitter-like social media platform where you mostly transmit pictures and if you want to write something, you can easily make it more than 140 char.

              • I thought snapchat is the latest thing to be on 😉
                So, you think he should go sign up to Instagram instead? Still – I’d say not without training. You’ll just give him more characters to f** up 😣

                • Snapchat would be a mistake because the pix disappear. It would drive fans around the bend. The thing is that most people who IG don’t actually write. They can, but they don’t. Just pix and hashtags.

                  • But – hey! That’s just it. He wouldn’t need to bother deleting anything anymore. ( Yes, OK, fans would likely go crazy) Maybe we should start crowdfunding a good media training for him – his next bday present 😉🎁

                    • Maybe, but my need to crowdfund the professional life of someone who’s quite likely a millionaire by now is relatively low. Also, I’m paying money to see his play and travel to NYC and stay there and eat and stuff.

                • the other thing is that even though he’s not that great of a writer, he does better with more words. His longer messages are not the disaster that some of his tweets have been.

              • Instagram, I’ll be the first to follow but I can’t imagine what kind of account he’ll build.
                Selfies? No,please.
                Only self promotion? A waste.
                Private life and his interests? Impossible.

                • Yeah, I think he has an inherent problem with social media in that he really doesn’t want to be social. He never created the impression that he did before Twitter, anyway.

          • There would be a bloodbath. Or maybe it would be like ripping a bandaid off- eye wateringly bad in the short term but a relief afterwards.

            Instagram would be a step in the right direction although as a vegetarian I was personally offended by the bacon on the face shot as was my pig Harriet (please note sarcasm)

            • “Cybersmile Ambassador bullied off Twitter.” I can see the headline.

              You should get together with Rosiepig, I think she has a similar feeling about her favorite pig, LOL. Give Harriet a carrot for me.

      • I don’t think it’s just an image though. The people who work with him seem to truly like him, have fun with him, and keep in touch. Not just in a publicity for a project way. Verging on slander but, could the wine be contributing? The wine pic was early afternoon, so could’ve started a little early. Getting pissy about something while drinking not necessarily a good thing.

        • yeah, although frankly I wonder if it was magnified. E.g., for about a year after the Hobbit came out, everytime any other member of the cast was asked “what was it like to work with Richard Armitage” these effusive praises came out. if you didn’t know about the months of fan anger about Armitage’s casting, that might seem like spontaneous praise. I’m not saying that they didn’t like him or enjoy working with him, but I think after that storm they might have felt that they needed to be extra positive about him in order to defend their project.

          Note that I am not saying he’s a horrible person here. I also suspect that if we wanted to subdivide this, that he probably is excellent to work with, i.e., people often comment on how supportive he is in terms of scenes, performances, however. That may make him likable; it just isn’t the entire spectrum of likability.

  8. Une stratégie infantile:
    – d’apprenti plombier devant une fuite d’eau incontrôlable,
    -d’apprenti pompier incendiaire devant le feu qu’il ne maitrise plus
    -d’apprenti policier devant les dégâts engendrés par sa réponse musclée. Donner son point de vue, puis échapper aux commentaires par l’arrêt, la destruction des preuves et la fameuse expression: “Circulez il n’y a rien à voir!”

    • Fantasia : L’Apprenti Sorcier of Disney I can see Mickey trying to sweep submercing water..

      • I had actually been drafting a post about Goethe last week, during the whole Brexit thing …

        • Mes devoirs de vacances, cette année, seront la lecture des trois livres, préconisés dans l’enseignement de français et de philosophie des classes préparatoires scientifiques CPGE 2016-2017.
          Le thème des concours des grandes écoles en 2017 sera: «Servitude et soumission» TRèS BEAU SUJET DE RéFLEXION.
          Les titres des oeuvres à lire avant la rentrée de septembre sont:
          – “Discours de la servitude volontaire” de La Boétie,
          – “Une maison de poupée” pièce de théâtre de Henrik Ibsen
          – “Lettres persanes” de Montesquieu.
          L’année dernière le thème était «Le monde des passions» et es 3 oeuvres exigées:
          – “Dissertation sur les passions” David Hume (une torture intellectuelle, je n’ai pas dépassé la lecture de 10 pages et les titres des châpitres)
          – “La cousine Bette” d’ Honoré de Balzac ;
          -“Andromaque” de Jean Racine.
          A chacun ses vacances et plaisirs intellectuels! Si ce n’était pour accompagner mon fils dans ses études, je préfèrerais les Walt Disney et les derniers films de qualité. Définitivement je préfère l’écoute ou la vision des oeuvres, que leur lecture. La lecture ne vient que lorsque j’ai été préalablement été introduite à la connaissance par un autre biais. J’ai découvert récemment le jeu de composition d’un jeune acteur français de la comédie française, alors voici de la concurrence à R Armitage…

          • Persian Letters is probably my favorite reading from the French Enlightenment — although in light of recent events it probably takes on a different flavor if you’re French. I hope you enjoy you readings! But you’re right, it doesn’t have to be classic literature all the time.

  9. Funny you should mention Brexit. Seems like it was about the time Brexit happened that his interaction on Twitter took on a different tone. Not defending the serial tweet/deletes (which were at times both interesting & disappointing respectively) but I’m just wondering if that was a catalyst for sparking some frustration with him. Maybe he should take a break, keep it light and just use Twitter to promote his work again.

    • I appreciated the political tweets, but it’s definitely true that talking politics on social media is not for everyone.

      • Yeah I appreciated the political tweets too. It was good to see him sharing his opinion about the impact of the Brexit vote. It was some of the other comments he made and deleted that were a little off-putting for me. But then I’m not sure how well I would handle the criticism he probably gets on a daily basis either. That said, I’m reminded of the old saying “if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen ” which particularly applies after you’ve been stirring the pot. 😊

        • it’s a rule in the courtroom, too — don’t raise anything in direct examination that you’re not willing to have your witness cross examined about.

          Someone tweeted him today that he should be careful in talking about alcohol because it impacts children / families. That might be considered unreasonable if he hadn’t said rather forcefully that he wanted his twitter stream to be “safe” for mothers and children. Obviously cultural standards apply here, and so on, and notions of what is appropriate for a particular audience will differ. I won’t so so far as to say “he asked for that” but I will say it is a reasonable remark given what he has said in the past.

  10. I was asleep so didn’t see his tweet. Yikes, that was a very abrasive comment. Again, no one made him Twitter Sheriff. People who can’t handle twitter shouldn’t be on it.

  11. I think he might have been going for assertive, and missed the mark. Not making excuses but tall people and good looking people tend to get more of a free pass than their shorter, plainer peers, and he may not have needed to develop social skills not dependent on his physicality up to this point.

    • wow — fascinating insight.

      • I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic now Servetus!

        I have been known to state the bleeding obvious in the past so forgive me if I’ve just done it again.

        • sorry, no, not at all. That had never occurred to me (not myself being tall or pretty)

          • Thanks Serv – I’m just so used to my children’s sarcastic “wow” s that when I hear that I immediately think I’ve said something stupid! Glad we cleared that up.

            I’ve just checked on google and the average height of a Fortune 500 CEO is 6’2. Apparently entrepeurs are often short though. So are actors. I’m not sure what that means for RA…

            • Before the Hobbit he had said most actors are 5’8″ and he wished he’d been shorter but since the Hobbit he seems to be adding fractions of an inch to his height. Seems like he’s managing okay, though.

              I wonder how tall professors are. It’s my impression that many are short and round 🙂

              • Lol!

                Disappointingly, I cannot find any studies to confirm or deny this theory. Although I would hypothesise they don’t start off as round.

    • LOL Bolly! Hey do you think he ever needed chat-up line?

    • Yes, but if he was not good looking, and gawky into his 20s,.he would not have relied on it to get by. That combined with being artsy rather athletic…I don’t think he had a pass. Maybe that’s part of the issue, if he felt like an outsider, he may not have developed some of the social talents that we assume he should have looking at him now.

      • You make a good point Jane. RA may well have felt an outsider at times ( I think all but the most robust of us have experienced that feeling at one time or another ), especially as he is in a profession when extravesion is rewarded. There must have been times at drama school and his in his early career where he felt like a fish out of water. However, the few photos of him as a child/ young adult that are in the public domain show a good looking boy, and I recall the classmate who wrote about him described him as popular with both the boys and the girls. If he truly had an ugly or awkward phase, all evidence has been destroyed!

        • I guess I’m thinking of the teenager who felt too tall, too thin, and all nose. The late bloomer he has spoken of.

        • I was gonna say — we’ve seen pictures. Although how one looks to others and how one looks to oneself are different things. At the same time, the assertion that beautiful people have less effort in life seems to be substantiated in numerous areas. I know that with faculty members, faculty perceived by students to be physically attractive get higher evaluation numbers. This isn’t something that I assume professors use manipulatively. it just happens.

  12. So by him deleting his tweet does he mean the opposite of his tweet? Should we keep discussing after all? Or does it mean the discussion is now over because he deleted his tweet? Or is it just the deleted tweet discussion no longer to be discussed. I’m confused! Are we to discuss or not? Or does he mean he wants to from now on tweet and delete into an empty space devoid of discussion. Or should we discuss until he tweets for us to stop. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I need further Armitage direction. I will wait for his next tweet.

  13. Hörst du mein Stöhnen?
    Dieser Tweep war ja eine tolle “Basta-Aktion”. Vollkommen aus der Hüfte geschossen und latent passiv-aggressiv. Typisch dafür, wenn einen die Hilflosigkeit übermannt. Fehlte nur noch, dass er mit dem Fuss aufstampft oder sich vor Zorn auf den Boden wirft 😁
    Aber unterm Strich erfüllt dieser Tweep natürlich alle löschenswertem Voraussetzungen. Schade, dass er bisher so inflationär mit dem Deletieren (oder Diletieren?) umgegangen ist. Dadurch verliert diese Aktion komplett an Bedeutung (welche Bedeutung?) und das Wischi-Waschi geht munter weiter……

    • It’s true — and I hadn’t thought about it. The deleting creates the impression that he didn’t mean what he said but it also loses its effectiveness over time as a disciplining tool.

      • Klingt noch besser, wenn du es zusammenfasst. Mit seinen solchen Aktionen geht leider Gottes die ganze Glaubwürdigkeit flöten. Wie unnötig.

        • Ich meine, wer nimmt das denn bitte noch ernst? Sorry, bin echt angefressen. Alles mein Problem, schon klar….

        • yeah, it’s obvious he’s never been a parent or a teacher.

          • Das hast du jetzt gesagt – und ich bin froh drum, denn dieser Gedanke geisterte schon einige Zeit durch meinen Kopf.

  14. They’re his tweets. He can do what he likes with them. No one has to read them.

    It must be very difficult for you – lusting after him so much whilst running him down at the same time, hating that he’s British (who you’ve admitted to disliking so much) and that his degree is from a top UK drama college rather than being an academic one.

  15. Ich hab den Tweet nur auf Blogs gesehen, sonst hätte ich gar nichts davon mitbekommen.

    Schultern zuck Ich hab das so aufgefasst, dass RA sich auf eben genau die gelöschten Tweets bezogen hat. Gelöscht, weil … er keine Lust auf fruchtlose Diskussion hat, … weil er Streiterei nicht “vor seiner Haustür” haben will.
    Was ich nicht darin sehe ist eine Ablehnung von Diskussion und Analyse per se.

    Ich fürchte nur, dass du recht hast damit, dass viele es so auslegen, dass RA gar keine Diskussion oder Analyse wünscht. (Möglich auch, dass er es wirklich so meint – aber das möchte ich lieber nicht in meine Vorstellung von ihm aufnehmen.)

    Tja. Die Lösung des ganzen blöden Dilemmas? Mr Armitage, benutz den verdammten Twitter für Selfies, für Promotion, für Nichtigkeiten, wegen mir auch für Sachen, die dir spontan wichtig sind, aber bitte, bitte, bitte ignorier die Reaktionen. Spiel nicht den Schullehrer, wenn sich andere erwachsene Personen in die Wolle kriegen.

    Dummerweise wird er wohl nicht auf mich hören.

    • Wenn Richiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie weiterhin seine Tweets löscht, sehen wir die “trolligen” Fans dann irgendwann so vor dem Rechner sitzen?!

    • I think the main evidence that supports your assertion that he may not mean what he said is that he often appears to misemploy conceptual words (atonment vs forgiveness, as in all the Strike Back publicity, for instance).

      • Ich glaube nicht, dass er nicht meint, was er sagt. Ich glaube nur, dass er sich ausschließlich auf seine Tweets – und die Reaktionen darauf – bezieht, die er schon gelöscht hat.

        Und seufz ich sehe da einfach jemanden, der sich mit Kurznachrichten sehr schwer tut.

        Der letzte Teil “and therefore the continued analysis” klingt vielleicht danach, als wollte er Diskussion überall unterdrücken. Man kann es aber auch so verstehen, dass er von abschweifenden Diskussionen in den Antworten auf seine Tweets spricht.
        Unglücklich formuliert ist es auf jeden Fall. Nur: Wenn das nicht da stünde, wäre der Tweet nach “conversation” zu Ende, und was dann dort stünde, wäre schon sehr, sehr grob.

        Ich glaube wirklich, dass er da versucht hat, die Schärfe abzumildern – mit dem Ergebnis, dass die Aussage wieder mal nicht unmissverständlich deutlich ist.

        Nun ja, vielleicht müssen wir einfach abwarten, was er demnächst tweetet, um das zu erklären.

        Ich verlasse mich darauf, dass irgendjemand die Beweise sichert, bevor sie gelöscht werden … Har, har, har.

  16. The only thing I see in this is a typical male reaction when upset or angry, walk out of the room and close the door stating: I have nothing more to say on the subject and there will be no more discussion. I put it up there with the term “women!” they use instead of your name which I find belittling. He is probably having a bad case of male PMS.

  17. Si le message était un selfie promotionnel truqué, ou bien une photographie avec une maquilleuse qui lui peint les fesses, y aurait-il moins de contre-verses de la part des fans et aucune suppression du tweet de sa part? Je crains que oui… malheureusement. Le futile, l’exposition physique intime sont moins dérangeants, que les prises de positions personnelles, l’exposition intellectuelle, je crains.

    • If the message was a rigged promotional selfie, either a photography with a make-up woman who paints him buttocks, there would be less of controvert on behalf of the fans and no abolition of the tweet from him? I am afraid that yes … unfortunately. The pointless, the physical intimate exhibition are less disturbing, than the personal stands, the intellectual exhibition, I am afraid.

      • This is a good point, I think. Whereas I’d rather have tweets that “say something,” that’s also because I want to speak and think as well in response.

  18. i think this is what Mr. Richard Armitage should do. go on his twitter account/page and tell everybody that for right now that he is not going to read or leave any messages on twitter, that right now he needs to concentrate on this play, his family/friends, and career and when the play is over or whenever he feels like it, go back on twitter. right now it seems that he is focusing more on twitter and what the people are saying about him. he probably is concentrating on the play but i have a feeling in the back of his mind that twitter thing is just bothering him. he should know that his true fans would understand all of this, they would want him to be happy, healthy,etc.

    • If he did that, there’d be a huge uproar, though, and there would be big fan collateral damage. I think he should stop tweeting for a while and let people think what they like. If they prefer to think he’s concentrating on the play or whatever else, that is up to them.

      • I think he also has a lot of time on his lovely hands. By pulling out of MLC, he came home sooner than expected, and so isn’t into the play yet. Other than Audible, he has no work to throw himself into.

        • and it’s summer. Summer is always a bad time in fandom. We’re probably lucky he isn’t going to ComicCon.

          • Summer does bring out the crazy. Watch local news (I don’t mean this summer’s horrors). Something about heat, alcohol, people being being outside and on the water. BTW, tomorrow is the full moon. That seems to bring on the crazy too lol.

  19. I don’t know what a “true fan” is. I would hope all fans would want him to be happy and healthy and whatever else is positive for him. But does a true fan have to check their brains at the door and never question anything he says? I have to admit this last tweet/delete has damaged my tulpa. Ok, I get the part about his deletion of tweets ends the conversation on his side. Of course, he usually doesn’t have much of a back-and forth with fans anyway. Which is fine, doesn’t need to. IMO, exchanged tweets do not a conversation make, in the conventional sense. But how can he end the continuing analysis? He can only end it for himself, not for others. My tulpa would know this and not put out an awkwardly-worded tweet that seems to discourage fans, true or otherwise, from analyzing his communications. I think stopping tweeting for a while would be a great idea. The fandom world would keep turning, hopefully.

  20. Serv, I apologize for that comment and your right I don’t like that portion of the comment either, was in bad taste. Delete it if you like 🙂

    • Don’t worry about it. I just wanted us all to realize what was happening there. I agree that this tweet is evidence of moodiness.

      Obscura said to me last night that it is interesting that it’s the married people / people in relationships with men that picked up on this behavior right away and read it within that context.

      • Well, i recognised the shouting matches i’ve had with my dad in the past or he has had throwing doors behind him. It takes a whole load of strong will, self-consciousness and control to stifle the impulse when it comes up. I have no clue if other peoples’ instincts or rages can be as strong but knowing the effects of lashing out on others is worth a lifetime struggle to stifle the demons within. One doesn’t always win… At least i don’t always do 😦 Try harder is my motto… Still hard to be understanding when the fingers do the shouting as it is by now means as automatic as speaking, or it shouldn’t be, but then again twitter makes it often so.

  21. Aaargh! My first split-second reaction was: “He addressed tweet/delete gate, yay! Now we can understand why!”
    My immediate next thought was: “Oh, no!”
    The third thought was, “Is he really talking to his fans? Or is he addressing random people that comment on his statements and he does not feel like harboring trolls?” I mean surely he MUST understand that when he tweets something to nearly 200.000 followers the discussion won’t just simply – poof! – go away once he deletes a tweet again!
    I’m sure he means well, but this tweet came off like something my 12 year old daughter does when she doesn’t want to talk about some issue that is too close to home. She just stomps off and locks herself in her room…

  22. Hmm… my first comment seems to have disappeared, so re-typing…
    So, my first split-second thought when I saw that tweet was: “Yay, he’s addressing tweet/delete gate and we get to understand why!”
    My immediate next thought was: “Oh no!”
    My third thought was: “Who is he talking to, his fans? Maybe he is talking about random people trolling on his tweet-thread and he wants to shut that down when he deletes a tweet?” I mean, surely he does not really think that deleting a tweet he posted to almost 200.000 followers will stop the discussion amongst fans??!!?? Yes, deleting will stop him seeing responses to his tweets but he surely understands by now that once out there, it doesn’t just go away when he thinks it’s time to end it. In fact, deleting fuels discussion, as we can very clearly see here!
    This tweet made me think of my 12 year old daughter when we are discussing something that hits too close to home – she stomps away and locks herself in her room… It doesn’t solve much, just prolongs the anger and pain..
    Methinks Mr Armitage is living up to his ‘moody actor, anti-socialite” Twitter handle right now. As with teenagerhood – this too shall pass…

  23. […] “And the tweet about deleting is … deleted,” July 17, 2016. Richard Armitage thinks he can stop conversations, apparently. We […]

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