Have been thinking about Baton Rouge most of the day

I was saying yesterday to someone that just because something is inevitable does not make it right. I used to think that these shootings were not inevitable. I’m not sure any more. I don’t know what motivated this one — I hope it wasn’t retaliatory violence — but I am mourning for the victims and their families. And yet it is not enough for me to mourn.

~ by Servetus on July 17, 2016.

19 Responses to “Have been thinking about Baton Rouge most of the day”

  1. Inevitable perhaps with more security before areas, that might be targets. But more security does that mean or lead to less or more liberties?


    • I’m waiting to see if it’s established that there was a plot to kill the policemen as opposed to this being a crazed person on the rampage. That said, no matter what liberties one curtails we can’t get around that it’s legal to bear arms in the US. Nothing the police can do about that.


      • ok I was thinking about Orlando and Nice too.


        • yeah — I don’t know much about the details in France.

          My concrete worry is the Republican National Convention starting tomorrow.


      • We can also think about how to watch after those potential or really silly and dangerous ” bad guys”, those terrorists.


        • if the current model for terrorism is what it has seemed to be the last few times (person who has shown few or no signs of radical political or religious sympathies suddenly makes a place and decides on mass violence as a means of “death by cop”) I don’t think we will be able to do much. I don’t think there is a reasonable expectation that security forces can protect us from what are essentially random events, provoked by a tense atmosphere. It will take generations to change all these background factors.


  2. Seems that things are so far out of our control. ..stupified by these continuing events. Was in a Bass Pro Outdoor World shop today in Connecticut, where the NRA was hosting a week long sale of guns. Saw many people at the counters and felt like I was walking around in a bad dream. What does this say about the society we live in? The one our children will inherit? I understand our constitutional rights, and a number of the men in our family are hunters, but I have never fully agreed with the ease in which many people have access to a wide variety of arms. We must do better. We need to care more about the health and backgrounds of the owners. We need to have guns in the hands of people who have been proven to use wisely and need them for purposes of work or with license and training. This shouldn’t be so hard?!? I’m so sad.


    • My understanding is that widely publicized shooting incidents are good for the business of gun manufacturers, so they probably sold quite a few this week.


      • Sadly, fear and distrust are the primary reasons why the people I saw were buying. The mentality of, “I’ve gotta protect my family. …”


      • How does it generally work in the US? Do you need to get a license before buying a gun> Can you buy any gun with or without license? I assume it is different in each state?


        • I have never bought one, and it is slightly different by state. As far as I know in my state you just go to a store and buy one. There is no background check or waiting period. There are various reasons you might want to do that, to get a receipt to prove you are the owner, if you plan to ensure it. However, you can also buy a gun off a friend privately, legally. Or you could go to a gun show. The firearm does not need to be registered in any way. It’s also legal to buy a gun in another state and bring it here if you like.


          • Oh. Very unusual from a European POV, I didn’t realise it was quite so “laissez-faire”. But you have to be 18 or 21 to buy one, right?


            • You have to be 18 to buy not to possess. My brother got his first long gun for confirmation I think (or at about that time anyway). My nieces (12 and 10) both have long guns.


              • Thanks. Interesting. I wasn’t aware that’s possible.


                • You can hunt accompanied when you’re 10; when you’re 12 you can buy your own license; and when you’re 14 you can hunt unaccompanied. Deer harvest is a huge deal around here.

                  [For the record, I wouldn’t buy a ten year old a gun myself. However, the culture here says it’s okay.]


        • I have never bought one. Don’t know the rules and legalities. My husband has some he got from his dad and one he bought himself, trigger locked, locked in a combination cabinet. Ammo locked and stored elsewhere. My boys just sat for and took the course/test for a hunting license. They’re 17 and 18. My brother has gotten his kids guns over the years to accompany him on hunting trips and for target practice at his land upstate. While I let my 3 kids target practice when we visit, I have refused to buy them a gun. My brother thinks I’m crazy. I want them to experience the family comraderie, but I have some serious issues about the mentality of the gun culture in society where it is seen as a leveler; “I can protect myself…I carry.” I’d rather view guns as an accompaniment to law enforcement, for trained and responsible hunters and not as a gift given to a young person as a sign of “manhood.” With Disney princess Merida and Katniss Everdeen, I have my daughter who’s dreaming of a pink bow! Seriously, I don’t know where these kids came from!


          • That pink imperative seems to be built in with some kids!

            I don’t see why there’s any reason for a minor to own a gun if they don’t hunt regularly.


  3. In New York (it’s actually by county) it takes about eight months to get a pistol permit. A friend of mine applied and used me as a reference. They called me (many months later) and asked questions for about five minutes. If you buy a new gun you have to go in person to have it added to your license. I think we have some of the strictest gun laws in the US.

    You used to be able to go to Walmart and buy a rifle (or shotgun for hunting.) You just couldn’t buy the bullets at the same time at the same store. I know because my neighbor’s husband went to Walmart and bought a rifle and then went to K Mart and bought bullets. He then went to the beach and shot and killed himself.

    I just did a search and Walmart doesn’t have any available in my area. I think I remember reading that Walmart pulled them out of their stores here. Gander mountain does have shotguns available for purchase in my county so it’s not against the law. To get a hunting license you have to take a safety course.


    • I think you would have to take hunters’ safety here, too, at least as a minor. I think I read that about Walmart as well.

      What a horrible tragedy your neighbor suffered.

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