Richard Armitage and spy story tropes #4 — the bicycle (?)

I actually don’t think of bikes as a spy story trope. When I saw Richard Armitage’s picture of himself bike racing in a Berlin courtyard, I actually thought it was because he got a bike. Life in Berlin is so much easier with a bike. And it’s a fun thing to screw around on. And probably people used them to get to different parts of the set. (And we’d had a discussion back in the Hobbit days, when he said he would bike to the studio, about what kind of bike he might have.)


Richard Armitage’s tweet, November 17, 2015 (since deleted): “@EpixHD @MICHAELROSKAM @olensteinhauer @thebradwinters Berlin Station 1 day down & bike test (race) with Roskam”

But after seeing the site, I’m think he might ride the bike as part of his spying activities. Because life in Berlin is so much easier with a bike, wouldn’t spying in Berlin be so much easier with a bike?

Perspective "The Drop" from My cap.

Perspective “The Drop” from My cap.

And then, I was thinking, that doesn’t transfer well to Lucas North, except I remembered this little scene when Lucas appeared to be a (motor-)bike courier.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 8.5. Source:

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 8.5. Source:

which led to this:


Ditto. Source:

and then finally to this!

Ditto. Source:

Ditto. Source:

So I’m hoping that Daniel Miller will be biking and wearing gloves, too. Oh, my gosh. Real people in Berlin definitely bike with gloves. Oh, please!

~ by Servetus on July 28, 2016.

26 Responses to “Richard Armitage and spy story tropes #4 — the bicycle (?)”

  1. Now there was a Lucas North moment that was over far too quickly. Gosh.

    fans self


  2. Schön, wie sich die Räder in deinem Kopf bewegen. Re gloves: Fahrradhandschuhe braucht man nicht auszuziehen. Die haben die Finger frei. Das treibt die Sexyness eher gegen Null. Und dann erst die Hosenklammern 😁


  3. Definitely one of my fave scenes from Spooks XD , which in turn always reminds me of that in Robin Hood.


  4. Oh yes, he does spy with gloves and leather EXCEPTIONALLY well. 😋


  5. they were shooting in winter, i am sure gloves are guaranteed 🙂 now we just need him to have to take them off one handedly 🙂


  6. Way to work a gratuitous pulling off glove with teeth shot into a post about a serious spy show Servetus lol. Ahhh, if only Lucas gazed right into the camera while doing it the way Gisborne did. Pardon me while I swoon over Gisborne image in my mind.


  7. Now you have me wondering if Richard actually takes his gloves off that way. Imagine the unsuspecting women all over New York, England, Berlin, and maybe Budapest and New Zealand on cold days being hit with that out of nowhere. Lucky them.


  8. It is so good to know that the Naughty Brigade is still up and running :mrgreen:


  9. Shades of Sir Guy with that darn sexy glove biting scene!


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