Daniel Miller visibilified

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~ by Servetus on July 30, 2016.

8 Responses to “Daniel Miller visibilified”

  1. I’m not even sure how to watch this show. Any advice would be helpful.

    • 1) Time Warner cable — buy EPIX as an additional channel. Confirmed.
      2) Sling TV — buy EPIX as an additional channel. Confirmed.
      3) Hulu — they have EPIX as an additional buyon option. However, they have refused to confirm that they will carry Berlin Station.

      Those are the legal options I am aware of 🙂

    • 4) I’ve also read that if you have ATT/DirectTV, you can somehow get it from AT&T, but I have not heard this info confirmed.

      • I don’t know about the AT&T part, but I spoke with a DirecTV rep about a month ago and at that time there were no plans to add EPIX to their lineup. Things may have changed since then.

        • You have to have a bundle, if I understood what was said correctly, that includes AT&T. I dunno. Dad has TWC, so I lucked out this time.

          • That could explain it. We have DTV, but not AT&T. shrug There are enough options that, come time, we’ll figure it out. 🙂

            • Yeah. I’m assuming that the usual mechanisms will work the way they have in the past, as well.

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