Early Richard Armitage birthday vid!

ETA: I did not make this vid — the author’s name is on her youtube channel (you can also leave comments there). I apologize for the inadvertent confusion.

~ by Servetus on August 21, 2016.

34 Responses to “Early Richard Armitage birthday vid!”

  1. Lovely.. sigh.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! After watching the video my crush makes sense again 😉

    • yeah, there are a few truly crushworthy moments in this one, I think.

      • indeed and it made me smile that now i recognise more than half of them, although some still ecape me (though i caught up on the Ms Marple one last week on a re-run on telly 😉 And i don’t know if to be embarrassed or not about still crushing on Guy so many years on!

        • I think that is a common circumstance.

          • ok, since i’m still up and indulging in videos and gushing (since Monday will be a no go for time) i might as well go on saying that it is not Guy’s body i am gushing over, i like his 10 year older body much more 😉 It’s his face, the eyes and looks, the smiles. OTT as they are, i just can’t let go of the only silly bad boy we’re ever likely to get. He’s perfect silly fantasy material 🙂

  3. Sigh… I haven’t had any slippage in my crush on Mr. A despite some of his recent postings. Do I agree with everything? Hell no. But coming from a family split down the middle on politics, religion, sports teams, you name it. My family still loves and enjoys each other even when we’re looking at each other from different sides of the barracades. My lack of agreement with Mr. Armitage doesn’t affect my…tulpa?….I think that’s the word?…at all.
    Beautiful sweet song with luscious images. Thank you, S, for this.

    • Richard Armitage isn’t part of my family, though. My family is also very politically divided. In fact, last night my father’s girlfriend told me that slaves in the south did no work and everything the south created or built in the years before the Civil War was done by whites. In my normal world that is off the map, but I put up with it because of my father. I don’t have to put up with Richard Armitage. He’s my crush. If he’s a problem, the crush should end. That’s an entirely different category for me.

      Glad you liked the vid.

  4. That’s a really good one. It has a little bit of everything in it. Just right for a birthday video.

  5. Wow, is that ever nice ❤

  6. Lovely, lively vid. I’m in awe of people who have the skill and patience to put these together so beautifully. And like other people who have commented here, I’m reminded why I started this crush and why it continues!

  7. Nice of you to give us such a wonderful present for his birthday. Thank you for the beautiful images.

  8. A beautiful video with just the right music. Thank you very much!
    And yes, Sir Guy will always have a special place in my heart. Richard Armitage played this complex character so wonderfully, and let’s face it: Played by somebody else, Sir Guy would most likely have ended up as just another clicheed baddie.

  9. Thank you very much Serv. At this time I’m watching with a sense of poignancy interlaced with a bit of grief . I don’t want to give up, but I feel rather lost. My tulpa is fading and I’m not sure how to get him back. (Thanks BTW for your posts on tulpa .. I’ve found them very helpful) x M

    • I’m glad you found them helpful. I found out recently that a bunch of people only read the headline and thought I was thinking of Richard Armitage as G-d. Sigh.

      • Seriously??? Oh my! The only thing I can think of about this is: Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil!

        • One reason I’ve been posting and writing less is that I’ve been thinking hard about the purpose of education and writing in a country where most people could care less or aren’t especially interesting in thinking or how to think. A lot of fairly sophisticated cultural outlets are losing audiences at present. Which is depressing, until you think, well, maybe no one needs them anymore because no one thinks in that way anymore. I realize that the idea of “tulpa” was probably a hard sell in a celebrity fandom, of course.

          • 😦
            We still need you, but if you feel like a salmon swimming upstream, I understand…. but what about your fiction? Or essays? Some of these writings are so heartachingly (if that’s a word? maybe I’m proving your point) descriptive. Your voice is so distinctive. Just throwing it out there to keep or toss, as the saying goes…..

            • oh, no worries. I’m not quitting. I just think the general problem is one that is manifesting itself all over. It’s an issue to some extent in my job search.

              • Whew, that’s good news for us 🙂

                • I still think “tulpa” is a good parallel to what Armitage is for a lot of fans. The whole process of knowing what features you’re building into or emphasizing in your idol is really revelatory. (or has been for me)

                  • Yes, getting past the strangeness of the term is the majority of the learning curve, imo. The concept isn’t as difficult (unless I just still don’t understand it lol).

                    • I think one nice thing about mysticism / concepts from mystical strands in religion is that you can understand it as much as you need to — it’s not like calculus, lol. But it can be harder to verbalize.

                    • That’s an excellent point! 🙂

          • It sure is hard sell in a celebrity fandom but what I don’t understand is: Why read only the headline, jump to a conclusion and get angry or whatever with the writer?
            I mean there are days were I am not up to 3000 or more words of detailed analysis about my hobby (in a foreign language), but then I don’t read it and safe it for another day (or not).
            That’s one of the points of blogs for me, I don’t have to read them if I don’t want to. It’s not like for example a forum where it is quite different to follow or take part in a conversation and ignore certain things……

            • There seems to be a very high level of inclination toward Fremdschämen in (this?) fandom. I hypothesize that when people see a headline they don’t like it fulfills that need to be embarrassed on behalf of other people.Or perhaps it gives people an outrage high. In either case, they feel better about themselves afterwards.

  10. I see both man and actor here and my head is still on straight lol -“kiss me like I want to be loved” Oh yeah! Serv. absolutely marvelous song to go with him. You photos went so in sync with the words and beat.
    beautiful video that made me realize how hot this man is and why my heart melts when I see him, esp as Sir Guy, my fav. character. Thank you for the beautiful birthday tribute to a 45 yr. old RA.

  11. Clarification — I didn’t make this one. i do have a youtube channel but this is Maraia Donnici (sp?).

  12. She did it perfectly. I have seen it in the morning on the FB page but it’s worth seeing it over and over again ❤

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