See preview of Berlin Station October 9 in NYC

Details here.



~ by Servetus on September 7, 2016.

10 Responses to “See preview of Berlin Station October 9 in NYC”

  1. Great find!


    • Got it here. For some reason the tweet disappeared temporarily and reappeared. I wish I understood how TWitter actually works.

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      • I get all sorts of thing from The New Yorker – never heard of this festival. Great score if LLLPlay fans are in NYC too – or for New Yorkers – sigh. Timing is everything.


        • Timing or living in NYC or LA so you can go any time … but how frustrating if you have tickets to the Oct 9 matinee ??


          • It definitely made me think about living in NY ( see latest post) – or not living in NY.


            • I can understand why you’d ask that question.

              After 2001 I lived in several really interesting places — and I spent so much of my free time working and not enjoying them at the level I wished I could, even then. My goal for this fall is just to enjoy where I am to the fullest (and not get overly caught up in work).

              So I guess the trick is to exploit where you are when you’re there …


              • Probably so. I can’t complain. I’m supposed to be living now in the place with the second best climate in the world. But one has to travel 2 hours to get to a pine tree! I do notice some seasonal changes here, though. Lucky for me, I’m frequently cold, so I still get to wear winter clothes for part of the day over two or three months. There are some interesting photos of me in a group of people where they’re wearing resort-ish or summer clothes and I’m in sweaters, boots, scarves and gloves.


              • I shouldn’t complain so much. We have a good network of people who go back and forth and bring things back. I am assigned bagels and bialys when I return from NYC. I hear they are very good to use in luggage to prevent breakage. A bagel here, a bialy there.


  2. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:

    Attention! Buy Tickets starting September 9 for Berlin Station preview in NYC ( 2 episodes, I think). To be shown at The New Yorker Festival.


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