~ by Servetus on September 13, 2016.

24 Responses to “Hmmm”

  1. They dress alike >.< Adorkable


  2. I’m really taken with the sign. It’s true … not all dogs like kids! A good sign to have in all dog parks. I’m jealous of their weather, too. They’re both wearing white after Labour Day!


  3. Brought a smile to my face this morning 🙂


  4. I might have to take my dog to New York! When I was there last year, I went to Washington Square Park and checked out the bench where Rich and Lee were photographed. My hubby is a very good sport! Not sure my dog would be.


  5. Pace is holding the leash – Probably his dog, then.
    Still not convinced about this being RA. If it is, he’s pretty inconspicuous IRL.


  6. and I thought the hat alone was bad. paired with the whole outfit…no. if I saw them on the street like this, my eyes would go to Lee and pass right over Richard, LOL!


  7. […] gab es heute Nacht wieder mal ein Bankbild, das mich dieses Mal des Hutes wegen sehr erheitert. Bewegte Bilder gab’s dann auch noch….und nun suche ich mir mal wieder eine Ecke und schäme mich fürs […]


  8. What I like from this vid most of all (besides cool RA’s outfit and especially a hat😂) is that RA looks really young, like he is a guy at least in his early 30s, not in 40s).


  9. I’m really having a hard time to recognise RA !! His hair seems rather dark and there must be some weird looking sideburns!!! What kind of leash should there be???


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