Whatever else, I’ll stand by that.

Richard Armitage as photographed by Robert Ascroft, fall 2012.

Richard Armitage as photographed by Robert Ascroft, fall 2012.

~ by Servetus on January 23, 2017.

15 Responses to “Beautiful”

  1. Mr. Richard Armitage is so perfectly beautiful in this photo

  2. Indeed, he is simply perfect.

  3. Absolutely! Definitely! Utterly! Positively! By ALL means!! BIG time!
    For the rest: This handsomest of handsome chaps still beats them all!!! 😉 Now…. see…. this makes me feel better!! 😀

  4. stand by that, sit by that, loiter nearby, ogle from afar. I will do all those things

  5. Omg…. I love him…

  6. Me, too. Thanks for the beautiful distraction from current events.

  7. I’ve gotta somehow get off of politics soon or I will go mad. However, it’s also the only thing I’m truly interested in at the moment.

    • lol 😉 Good luck.
      I’m so with you on that though! And stay away social media dealing with politics and related user comments – definitely need to get myself to do that more than anything. It’s too bad I kinda earn my living with it…

  8. If I encountered this man while walking down that street I would have done a triple take and then probably tripped over my feet.

  9. Daydreaming

  10. What a much needed mind trip. Life at present is beyond ugly…practicing small things to be grateful for. Counting my blessings in a very childlike way. Thanks…this goes on my list.

  11. Needed this! Heard today that an elderly (97) lady I have known for 10+ years just passed away. 😦 Richard can certainly help to lift the spirits! So gorgeous!! ❤ Love the coat too!

  12. I’m glad that in such a horrible world we can count on the beauty of Armitage 🙂

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