UK fans gets to use their Richard Armitage knowledge

Richard Armitage was the answer to a question on University Challenge this evening in the UK. (It’s a show like College Bowl in the U.S., for anyone who remembers that.)

I just picked this one tweet as representative of about two dozen, because we’d heard from Chris Naylor before.



Definitely seems to brought some smiles to a few faces tonight!

~ by Servetus on February 6, 2017.

15 Responses to “UK fans gets to use their Richard Armitage knowledge”

  1. What was the question?


    • Supposedly the show is on iPlayer. From the tweets, it sounded like it mentioned actor, born in Leicester in 1971, North & South, Guy of Gisborne, and The Hobbit.


      • You have to have a UK IP address to view Iplayer so we will have to wait for a UK resident to enlighten us.


        • Someone just told me that he was a “starter” question for ten points and they got the answer immediately. I assume you’ve seen this show but if not here’s some info about the game play:


          • Yes – it’s an institution in Britain and the term ” your starter for 10″ is part of the vernacular. I’ve even known people on it!


            • I’m going to file that info for future reference — to use next time in the UK somehow 🙂


              • Good idea- that is my challenge for you and I look forward to you reporting back.

                On my recent trip to the UK several people assumed I was Australian, despite me retaining a British accent ( according to virtually every Aussie I meet). On reflection, most agreed that it wasn’t my accent but my intonation and use of language that was Austalian, which is interesting. So whereas ” your starter for 10″ would be met with blank stares here, saying “it was the other side of Woop Woop” would be perfectly understandable ( meaning “it was a long way” – for several years I thought Woop Woop was a real place…). But I’m digressing…


          • “Starter for ten” was also a film with James McAvoy yonks ago. Quite funny actually. And with Cumberbatch supporting…

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  2. How cool. Armitage is common knowledge. Or maybe not, seeing that it is University Challenge…


  3. So cool!


  4. First, a Guy of Gisborne figure, then a Lego character, now this??? He’s gonna have a star on the Walk of Fame…you wait and see! Hahaha!

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  5. It was a brilliant moment, Edinburgh went on to win with a big score the whole team relaxed it seemed , I always watch and I never dreamt Richard would be a question …classic.


  6. yay Edinburgh!


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