Richard Armitage, fake weakling

malingerer: someone who feigns illness or injury for psychological or material reward. From French, malingre, feeble or sickly. Richard Armitage as Monet in The Impressionists, episode 1. Source:

~ by Servetus on March 8, 2017.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage, fake weakling”

  1. on my phone the picture of Mr. Richard Armitage looked liked a mannequin/dummy, but then i went to my computer and got a better picture. this picture has a mixture of different emotions(malingerer, quizzical, and mephistophelean). Servetus, i hope you don’t mind, but i am using some of those words you used from the other photos of Mr. Richard Armitage. i couldn’t think of anything to describe this photo and your words were perfect for it.


  2. Funny and the scene when he has Camille in his bed is even better.


  3. Reminds me of Fanny Thornton.


    • interesting. I wouldn’t use that expression for her — I think of her as sort of professional sickly; usually malingerer refers to a specific context and a specific reward, not to a personality feature.


  4. I loved that he told him what colors to use when painting the bruise on his leg. Forever the artist!


  5. It really was a cute scene. Made me wonder if Armitage himself ever did that, but I’m guessing not since he was an adult. He said he never called in sick when he was in musical theater.


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