Look quick before it disappears

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

8 Responses to “Look quick before it disappears”

  1. Cool! Thanks!


  2. […] https://meandrichard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/look-quick-before-it-disappears/ […]


  3. This is a very good BTS extra. I wish the team were more successful in getting across some of the goals they expressed in this.


    • Seriously. It reminds me of all the talk about ITS, actually. If some of that had been in the actual film …


  4. I haven’t seen film yet, but it looks interesting and beautiful from this. Did you catch the guy mispronouncing RA’s last name? I guess they never met.


    • At least the guy on the radio this afternoon got it right, with a really prominent northern Irish “ARRRRR”.


  5. Ist das Making of besser als der Film ?!? 😉
    Die Schauspieler erwecken alle sehr gekonnt den Eindruck mit großer Hingabe und Ernsthaftigkeit bei der Sache gewesen zu sein. Oh, und die Landschaft sieht atemberaubend aus. Wenn ich dich allerdings richtig verstehe, dann hat das alles historisch und theologisch kaum Hand und Fuß? Ich glaube nicht, dass ich die DVD kaufen werde,


    • I can’t say anything about the Irish history aspect of it (or only very little), but the church history aspect isn’t very good. If you know much about medieval church history you may be bothered. BUT the landscapes are really beautiful.


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