OK, so maybe one more

This article asks the question I’ve been asking, which is what the purpose of the adaptation was, without a new game to go along with it. Was it just a homage from someone who really loved the game?

I admit, I’m not going to start video gaming just because of this, but judging from what I’m seeing on youtube there are a lot of people who would really love a new game.

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

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  1. “I admit, I’m not going to start video gaming just because of this”

    Why do you have to break my heart so fast like that. 😦

    Kidding aside, I think Konami still owns the rights to Castlevania, so that’s kind of a bummer. If they can actually make and release a good Castlevania game without pissing anyone off/treating their fans or employees like shit, that would be amazing PR for them, though. I’d definitely love to play a new one!

    (Also very sorry for spamming your blog today! Stuff you’re sharing’s super interesting, and I’m really loving Netflix’s Castlevania right now.)


    • (Only slightly kidding actually, if you started gaming that would really make my entire year!)


      • Not at all. I don’t know anything about this stuff, and I have the feeling that about a third of the core Armitage fandom isn’t watching this at all (also based on things I’m seeing on FB) and those who are watching are mostly in my situation, i.e., clueless.

        I think if the nieces gamed, maybe I’d use that as an opportunity to see what it was about, but they don’t. They play sports and do stuff with their animals and read. I just can’t see buying a platform to try this all out.

        Maybe I’ll stumble across some other random friend who games, though 🙂


        • Not really surprised, but I do wish more would watch! I just really love how you and the other RA fans watching the show are so open to diving into new territory. And I’m really thrilled that Richard doesn’t shy away from titles like this, I get to see some of my favorite things from my childhood brought to life involving this talented actor, and it’s just such a wonderful feeling, and then I get to read what fellow RA fans think about it and sort of go through the journey of discovery together. I know it’s probably a stretch by now, but I’m still hoping him being in The Last of Us pulls through. It’s such a lovely game, though not quite sure how well it can translate into a movie.

          Why are your nieces so wholesome omg. No need to buy a platform if you already have a good PC, btw! If you ever want to dip your toes in and want some recs for PC games, I’d be happy to help. 😀


          • I figured, after my serious revulsion regarding Hannibal (that one was the real struggle for me, and for months ahead of time), if I watched that (and then i watched Pilgrimage) I had no moral high ground to stand on. And although I was never excited about vampires the way many have been, the anime format did intrigue me. I asked an oblique question on my RL FB and one of my former students has now suggested I should watch Rorouni Kenshin (sp?).

            I’ve always thought Armitage is way more open-minded about culture than the vast majority of his fans (including me).

            My nieces are strangely wholesome. They are being raised in an even more sheltered way than I was.

            I have a MacBook Pro. I guess I’d be interested in suggestions although the video games I like are the more sort of meditative ones (Tetris, Bejeweled, etc.)


            • It’s okay to like a thing and dislike some aspects of it though, right? And I would actually really advise against Rurou ni Kenshin as a first anime to watch, it was originally a serialized manga and like many of the 90s fare, it dragged like one. It’s also meant for a much younger audience, I think (and I don’t think it aged very well, personally). I highly suggest Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster” instead, it’s a stellar, thought-provoking title with a far more mature leaning, and I don’t remember it having any anti-religion stances. Aah, I’m excited! If you do end up watching it, would love to know what you think.

              LOL, he probably is. 😀 I don’t know why it surprises me either. I also wonder if having a nephew who hero-worships him influences some of his decisions. Not sure if it would be a step back career-wise, but I’ll explode if they get him to voice in a prominent triple A game title, though that’s probably unlikely.

              Argh, the more I think about it, the more I’m annoyed that there isn’t a new Castlevania game being made. Graham’s already a veteran VA in the field, and Richard’s voice coming out of a protag I can control gives me shivers. (Or maybe a companion character I can romance cough)

              Oh no, I think most of the games I like don’t have Mac versions, and I’m not familiar with Macs at all. This requires research! 😀 Are you okay with recs from other genres of gaming (some that’s more story-heavy maybe?) or more of the meditative sort? If you’d rather not have gaming recs either, I understand too, like I hope I’m not coming across as pushy or naggy about this, I’m just excitable, sorry!


              • oh, yeah, and if I hadn’t liked it would have said so. I just didn’t have any reason to refuse to check it out on principle. I actually really like checking out new stuff, I just tend to find that some of this stuff is so sexist and violent … I was mostly worried about violence with this one, but the cartoon genre seemed to make it less problematic for me as a viewer.

                I’ll check out “Monster.” I don’t have any real allegiance to anything in that regard. It’s not anti-religion that I mind per se, it’s silly anti-religion. Like: be opposed to religion for real reasons, not for non-reasons that stem from prejudice. Criticize some of the real things that were seriously wrong with the historic Catholic Church (violent exclusionary mission and inability to deal with the pagans, the Crusades, its financial corruption, its questionable record on poverty particularly after about 1450 or so, its involvement in the destruction of native populations all over the globe, the way it handled its responsibility for educating people … like I could give you a whole list of things that were real problems. And deserve way more attention than they get. As opposed to Pilgrimage, which seems exercised because the Church encouraged some Catholics to believe in relics and some did. Relic piety at its very worst was much less harmful on a human level than for example the attempt to wipe out Mayan culture. And yet the former gets so much attention.)

                re: Armitage — I can see his nephew being an incentive (I hadn’t thought of that). Although would an eleven year old be a Castlevania fan? I’ve always thought it was a question of whether he wanted to push himself into that particular niche and see himself as limited by it professionally. Like it’s pretty clear, McTavish rode the action film wave to video game and when he managed the jump to the Hobbit, he took the train to Outlander, Outlander to Preacher, and so on. He also interacts a lot with fans on social media and goes to conventions. Either he enjoys it or he’s settled but it seems like he really sees his career in that particular environment now. There’s been no indication that Armitage really wanted to go there in particular, apart from Hannibal, which seemed like a last minute thing. And he’s done nothing to encourage Hobbit fans since the last Hobbit film release. Like: it would seem like Castlevania would be the occasion for another ComicCon appearance. Will he do that?

                Why don’t you just tell me your faves? This isn’t going to be something I’m going to jump on immediately (I’m teaching again right now … so actually I’m spending a lot of time on the ancient Mesopotamians.)


                • Yeah, there’s stuff I can watch in cartoons and read about that I can’t watch IRL. A weird thing I experience is how I’m super okay with violence when I’m playing a game, but when I watch a sort of movie-version of the same game on Youtube, the violent portions make me ill sometimes, depending on how graphic.

                  Yay, would love to know what you think! 😀 And thanks for explaining that to me, re: anti-religion and stupid reasons. I think I missed the relic piety stance on Pilgrimage, I’m rewatching it with my friend soon and will pay closer attention.

                  Probably not, I guess, about the nephew I mean. I just sort of wonder if he’s at the back of Richard’s mind sometimes when he’s selecting/applying for roles with a sort of “cool uncle cred” barometer floating in the background. 😀 Graham is just swimming in geekery, I love it, from his role in Preacher to all his previous game VAs. But you’re right, Richard hasn’t really displayed any sort of particular leaning towards the genres as opposed to just specific ones (like LOTR/The Hobbit). I’m pretty excited that he’s taking to the sci-fi category though, and makes me curious about My Zoe (when I wasn’t previously). Omfg if Castlevania’s at SDCC and he’s there and they show a clip of S2, I really, really hope everything gets recorded. (Slim chance, but I really wish that the voice cast goes in costume!)

                  Yay, okay! About the faves, but also about ancient Mesopotamians. Is it okay if I e-mail you the list? And yeah, like the list will just be there if you ever feel inclined, but I know you’re really busy. Just happy I can share! 😀


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