@DigitalTheatre — have they resolved your issue? #richardarmitage

I’ve now gotten the third comment that Digital Theatre has not responded to a customer query regarding permanent Crucible access over several days. Has anyone gotten a response? What did they say?

~ by Servetus on August 31, 2017.

33 Responses to “@DigitalTheatre — have they resolved your issue? #richardarmitage”

  1. I wrote a mail on friday, got an automatic response and haven’t heard anything since

  2. My email was Thursday last week and nothing since the automatic response.

  3. I was just thinking about this earlier today. I have yet to receive a response from them from my email on Thursday. I don’t know of anyone who has heard back yet.
    My hope is that they’re working on a better solution to this situation. Admitting the mistake & reinstating the purchases is the only way they’re going to salvage their reputation.

    • my fear is that when the company was sold and they went to this new platform they have actually lost all prior purchase data (because if it had transferred with the account we would all be able to see it). Since they ask us to contact individually sounds to me like it would be a manual job to reinstate rights for individual accounts to individual pieces of content, utter madness!

  4. I haven’t had the time or energy to even confront them about this. I know it’s my own fault, and I should not complain and then do nothing. But I have too much going on right now to focus my attention on this. I do like to hear what others are going through and whether they have been answered, so thanks for posting this on your blog, Serv. The thing is, I refuse to pay more money for anything to do with them. As far as I am concerned, I purchased an HD version of the play and I was supposed to be able to watch it when I wanted. I must say, the way it was set up did cause me some discomfort at the time. I should have listened to my gut.

  5. Nope. Nothing. Niente. Nada.
    I was thinking maybe they are inundated and need time? Or do they think the statements they issued are enough? Time to spam them with reminders? I plan on sending my first one this coming weekend (too swamped before then…)

  6. I’ve got at least seven responses on Twitter — all indicating no replay from Digital Theatre. If one or two people had said, yes, they have followed up with me, that would be one thing. Still waiting to hear that.

  7. I got the run around from my first email and have not had a response from my second.

  8. Nope … sent them an email last Friday and haven’t heard anything since the automated confirmation of receiving my email. And this is the very reason I still prefer to buy DVDs … I just don’t trust digital technology.

  9. I sent two e-mails, one on Friday, and one on Saturday. No response yet. Since some people on Twitter were saying that they heard back from DT, I assumed that there was something wrong with my account, but reading here that none of you have heard back, it may not be me but them… In the meantime, I have tried logging in again – to no avail. They are showing me a website that says “account verification”. The only site I can log into is the support site, but not the actual DT site.

  10. Nada

  11. I emailed and asked for a refund – just the automatic response as well. Might be time for a follow up email to them.

  12. Sent several emails. I got the standard response before the bank holiday that they wouldn’t be opened until Tuesday. I’ve heard nothing since the 29th. Just wrote again.

    • Wrote again – got the same pro forma response with a case ticket – but that’s it. I think we should try and coordinate a response to them with multiple tweets – although just today, they tweeted the same nonsense again – and ow it’s the weekend.

      • OK. What do you want to do?

        • uh, can I get back to you on that? Would start with reaching out to fans on our platforms, maybe a hashtag and then some coordinated timing. That’s my first thought. This is not my strong suit, but I would start with signal boosting to fans. Better ideas are welcome. I know of at least 6 bloggers who might post at the same time, and maybe 2-3 FB groups, accounts, to get the word out that we are seeking some unified response.

  13. Emailed them Monday – even though I knew it was a Bank Holiday that day – and nope, no response as yet. But thankfully I can still view TC and also the Interview. So not panicking yet.

    • My impression is taht as long as you don’t agree to any updates, you’ll be fine. Just a hypothesis, though.

  14. I haven’t received anything except the automatic reply that states they will get back to me in three business days. That was on Thursday (for the first email). I sent two more emails on Friday, one regarding the purchases and the other regarding their shoddy (inept, staggeringly stupid) password reset procedures. Even giving them the benefit of their bank holiday on Monday, they’re a day late. Can buyers of their products outside the U.K. file customer complaints with Citizens Advice?

  15. No response from DT. I think they’re hoping we’ll all forget about this and go away, to save them sorting out the mess they’ve made.

  16. Nix! Nüschte! Nichts!!! Garnix!!!

  17. So: I don’t know of one person who’s gotten access to their Crucible purchase yet.

  18. I have got this reply regarding two rental options if I understand it correctly:
    “For customers who have previously purchased productions with us there are currently two options available for you at present:

    You can take advantage of our free subscription, obtaining access to your previously purchased productions as well as our entire catalogue
    You don’t take advantage of our free subscription, and we can manually apply the previous purchases to your account.

    This process has been in place since the transition to the new site, and will remain in place for the foreseeable future, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to decide their favoured approach to viewing our productions.

    Any customer that has previously purchased a production and would prefer not to take advantage of our subscription offer, please let me know and our support team will arrange for a free long-term rental of the production you purchased to be loaded to your account.”

    What can they possibly mean in 2. (“manually apply”)? What is the difference between their “subscription offer” and “a free long-term rental” (is the latter one for longer than six months?)?

    • Wow, someone who got something back! All right!

      I’ve seen some screens that said they’d give a six-month free subscription to people who had purchased individual productions. So I’m guessing the difference is between getting continued access to just what you bought, or getting access to what you bought for free for six months along with everything else, but having to pay to continue it after that. Just a guess.

    • That message is also posted on their support website. I sent a follow up email yesterday and the automated response now says, “If your enquiry relates to the recent changes on Digital Theatre then please visit https://digitaltheatre.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012020748-A-message-from-Digital-Theatre-regarding-recent-website-changes . So you do that and get that message which says to email them to get the free long term rental… didn’t I just do that? A bit circular and still no human reply!

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  21. I emailed them the Wed. or Thurs. before Hurricane Harvey. They responded that I would hear by the next week. Nothing yet.

  22. Sent my first inquiry on Aug. 25. Sent another one yesterday Sep. 5. I have a ticket # but that’s it.

    • We probably should urge everyone to get a ticket, and then have the campaign be — which ticket # are you serving now?

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