Make a quick and dirty screen recording on a Mac #richardarmitage

On my MacBook Pro (here’s the article I used to learn how to do this). Video quality is not HD but it is decent.

  1. Install a system extension called “Soundflower” (or other similar product, but Soundflower has always worked well for me).
  2. Open your System Preferences, highlight Soundflower (2ch). I usually then set the volume to the medium range.
  3. Open your QuickTime. (This ships with the machine.)
  4. Open whatever it is you want to record in its own application and get ready to start it, but don’t start it yet.
  5. Flip back to QuickTime and choose File –> New Screen Recording. You should then get a red button. (It has a down arrow next to it, which you can click to make sure you have your sound set properly.) Click on the red button. Then click on the screen.
  6. Flip back to what you’re recording, and push play on whatever you want to record. Don’t forget to expand it to full screen, if desired. Move your arrow / cursor to the margin as well.
  7. QuickTime will then record until you push the round “stop” button that appears on the uppermost menu bar on the computer. Note that you won’t be able to hear anything during the recording (as the sound is rerouted to your recording and away from your speakers). If the screen dims, that’s okay, too.
  8. After you push stop, it will take a few moments to process, and then it will open the recording in QuickTime. You can then save it.
  9. This method is cumbersome and creates huge files. If you’re recording something very long, you might want to stop after each act. For each hour, depending on content, you will probably need about 2 GB of disc space.
  10. Don’t forget, when you’re done, to go back to System Preferences and switch the sound output back to your speakers.

I’ve also done this on a PC, but I used a piece of proprietary software to do it. There’s also a method using VLC where you record the video and audio separately and then paste the files together, but I haven’t tried it.

~ by Servetus on September 10, 2017.

7 Responses to “Make a quick and dirty screen recording on a Mac #richardarmitage”

  1. I’m planning to screen record TC with my son’s help. Really, they make pirates of us! But what about the TC interview? One of my favorites! It’s not on DT site anymore 😦


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t have advocated this if I thought they had a chance of resolving their problems — but their financial statement makes it look like they have a hard time paying their employees. In general I prefer to obtain things legally.

      I don’t know about the interview 😦


  2. I have tried recording TC with some free software I have found but the result was quite disastrous. For the sound I had to turn up the speakers and then leave the room and stay quiet for 3 hours. Result, although I have it, is really not good. I don’t have a Mac, still looking for Windows alternatives.


    • yeah — that’s a mess.

      There is a Windows alternative that does this — it’s called Camtasia. It costs about $200. However, at least in the US you can get a free trial that lasts a month. That said, I can’t write a tutorial because although I have done it once or twice, I don’t have access to the software now. I always used it at work.


      • My experience with free trial software is that it will let you convert up to 30 mins max (if that, usually only 5 mins), which is useless when you want to record a 3 hour play… But, I’ll look into it. 🙂


        • I don’t know what their TOS are in the NL. I used it to record the entire BOTFA screencast from LA, which was several hours. (Then it turned out i didn’t need it b/c the Hobbit people published it.) It was a HUGE file but it was at least as good of quality as the live broadcast. Camtasia is way more technical, though. Maybe your son has a friend who has a Mac? 🙂


  3. I wish I actually had access to a copy of TC or the Interview to try anything with. On my PC, I always went through the website, so that’s out. On my iPhone, I watched on the app player, so you’d think there might still be access there, but no. SOL.

    I got the form letter reply from DT now. I replied and am now waiting again.


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