Richard Armitage tangentially related

Amusing: one of the regulars of Doctors, in which Armitage appeared briefly in his early career, reminisces.

Ocean’s 8:

Brain on Fire:

The Lodge:

Wolverine: The Long Night

Collateral attractions:

Business stuff:


~ by Servetus on July 12, 2018.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Let me get this straight 🤔
    The guy laments the lack of original content, yet makes a Die Hard knock off with The Rock playing an amputee. I saw the trailer and thought ‘Die Hard knock off.’

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  2. That Wattpad article is fascinating. Not only is it a great source for original stories, but there is feedback from a built-in focus group.

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    • I thought it was interesting too — also because some Armitage superfans were huge advocates for the platform when it appeared. At least one of them has won a Watty.

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  3. The ice cream guy in german cinemas is really, really rare nowadays, or at least in my part of the woods he is.
    Now you have an inviatation on the big screen to go and buy ice cream before the main movie will start.
    Or in my little village cinema the owner who shouts from behind his counter inside the movie theatre: ‘Anyone without drinks, ice cream or popcorn? I’m closing now!!!!’ 🙂

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    • Wow, no more ice cream guy? 😦 Not that I ever bought one. But I love the picture of your village cinema!


      • Nope and yes I feel sad about that too!
        It’s great isn’t it? It still is a family business and I love the feeling there very much. The senior boss (and sweets seller) is also the guy who screams really loud: ‘Handys aus!!!!’ right before the movie starts lol


  4. “The very lovely Richard Armitage”, she says. Has anyone ever heard anyone he’s ever worked with say a single bad word about him?!? I do feel validated that I chose my crush wisely.


    • I don’t think we have. I sometimes think he thinks people will say stuff about him, like I feel like he apologizes a lot for not socializing with people. But it’s not like anyone complains about that.

      Yeah, I think on the whole it’s unlikely after this long time that we will find serious dirt. Maybe that’s what he means when he says he’s boring.


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