And it magically reappears

SPOILERS. Get it while it’s hot. I’m assuming US only except with VPN.

~ by Servetus on December 2, 2018.

27 Responses to “And it magically reappears”

  1. Oh, man!


  2. Thanks Watching now.

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  3. Just checked the last few minutes in case the removal meant they’d be making slight but significant changes. Nothing.

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    • Now that would be sneaky — circulating two version of ep 2 sub rosa to confuse the eager beaver viewers!

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    • Would you watch that whole Ep2 over again ??


      • Definitely not. I only checked the last frames because I found it very odd they decided to pull it down all of a sudden. I wouldn’t have put it pass them to have shot a second ending the way they did for Season 1. Right now, I wish they had aired that one back in the day so I could have stopped watching altogether.

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        • Well I found Richard thru BS1 so I don’t know for me about that a lot of this year for me would never have occurred but I will watch Ep1 tonight at 9 then skip next week and then go to 3 just to find some answers why?? Good for you though I’m still upset even having ranted on my blog about it on Friday 🤯😩😖

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  4. Nope. Not available in my country. Thanks for trying.

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  5. look in your email in about five minutes


  6. BS Season 3 comes to Canada via SuoerChannel on January 7.


  7. Really sad and mad at the same time. But mostly smokin’ mad.

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