Because I am lazy (or: Mach was mit Orange)

Pumpkin soup with buttered rustic sourdough bread. I only thought of taking the picture after I ate the first inch.

This is for Herba and die Pö’s ongoing blog project. I made this soup. It’s orange!

This soup is made with what Germans call a “hokkaido pumpkin,” but here it’s apparently a “kuri squash.” (If you’re interested, a pumpkin is a type of squash. And a squash is a type of gourd.) I know ate this sort of soup for the first time in Germany in the 1990s — I never had a savory pumpkin dish till I moved there. Orange squash of all kinds, which I ate plenty of before then, was traditionally sweetened in the U.S. Now pumpkin soups are here, too, but many of them are sweetened.

It was excellent, but dad won’t eat it, so I knew I would have a lot. I followed the recipe strictly so I could give a healthy helping to Obscura, who’s stopped consuming high fat foods, but there are so many potatoes in it that it just keeps soaking up the fluid. Tonight I thinned it with heavy cream, which I think improves it. There’s just something about milk fat!

I think there are three or four servings left, still. I can’t freeze it because of the potatoes. Maybe next time I’ll try this — it doesn’t have any potatoes. But as I’m out of kuri squash, I’ll have to do it with an actual pumpkin. I have five or six of those left.

~ by Servetus on October 27, 2020.

21 Responses to “Because I am lazy (or: Mach was mit Orange)”

  1. It looks yummy!

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  2. It does look yummy! At our farmer’s market, I’ve taken to buying kuri squash too – it’s the perfect size for a small family. We just roast it with olive oil and salt and pepper. Hope you and yours are well!


  3. The recipe I use is without potatoes as well, let me know if you want me to send it to you.


  4. love pumpkins of all kind, just not in any sweet version, apart from my grandma’s strudel , i do miss that but otherwise soups, oil for salad, roasted, risotto, with roasts give me all the pumpkin! Love marrow for example with dill white sauce, yum! Yours looks delicious!


    • I bought a pumpkin galette at a new Mexican bakery in town this week (mucho masks) and it was really great, so I can imagine strudel would be super.


  5. That looks great, even if I am not a big pumpkin fan. But you always can get me with a nice Butterbrot 🙂 Thanks for participating :*


  6. […] Servetus hat gekocht. […]


  7. That looks absolutely delicious!


  8. Finished the soup last night — by making it into spaghetti sauce!

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  9. […] growers have run out of potatoes, onions and carrots. They still have squash but I’ve eaten a lot of pumpkin soup this fall. It will be a long six months till the rhubarb and asparagus ring in the summer. I froze a lot of […]


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