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It did snow twice in quick succession during the last week of 2020. I’m calm enough now about the tussle and yelling that resulted from the snowplowing discussion to post a picture of our front entry.

Corner of the wall next to the front stairs.

Since then, we’re having unseasonably warm weather, so we’ve been seeing this on the trees in the morning lately. It’s called “rime ice.”

This is how it looks when someone who can take pictures photographs it:

These pictures I took:


Weed among the pines in the front yard.


“My” elm tree, front yard.


Front of our property, from the road, plus my car dashboard.

It’s really pretty but climatologically wrong. Average daily temperatures around here are now 5.7F higher than they were when I was a child.

~ by Servetus on January 9, 2021.

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  1. Yes been warm should be in the deep freeze by now. We have had fog and frost all week, we had only one day that was heavy fog. My son 2 hours away has only has frost once this week. He has also worked from home all week. When driving back from his house last Saturday as we drove north we could see the frost on the trees. I just fog tomorrow morning too. Over a week since the last snow here. Warm here next week too. I am sure that we will get that deep freeze weather soon. I also remember way more snow when I was younger.


    • I saw tonight they think the cold is about a week off. But there might not be any snow before then — the weirdest winter ever. I Also remember it being snowier when I was younger. I have mixed feelings. The farmers need the snow but I need not to be stressed out over the plowing question.

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      • I see that we are to get snow on Thursday. Son2 said he heard cold weather in 1 to 2 weeks. I see no cold yet on the weather for us. No other snow either. I really just hate winter cold or snow. The last few years their been more snow, 2 years ago it came after the cold we got. We got more snow than son2 and maybe even son1.


  2. I agree with you about the snow, we definitely are seeing less of it recently than in years past. To me that’s a blessing since I hate to drive in snow!


    • I don’t like to drive in snow, but this is a bad situation for the farmers. The fields need a solid snow cover for a few months. We had six inches fewer or snow in December than we should have had.


  3. That rime ice looks beautiful… Fingers crossed that you are going to get through the winter safe and sound.


    • I’m sure you’d be able to capture it more effectively than I can. (Well, I also didn’t get all that close to it, but obvs my equipment and technique leave something to be desire.)

      Thanks for the good wishes!


  4. I think I write that every winter when you write about the snow in your part of the woods but I am really glad I don’t live there even if it looks pretty.

    Re earth warming: It’s horrible and I don’t have much hope anymore that we will be able to stop this. Human kind is way to stupid and selfish to act appropriate 😦


    • I would miss the seasons if they didn’t happen — this was a real issue for me in Florida and a mild one even in Texas. But I never missed having to move snow and it’s an open question to me whether the beauty of winter is really worth the icy roads and the snowplowing. I appreciate the beauty more now than I did forty years ago, though.

      I am concerned that we won’t stop it, either. Hopefully we can accommodate. But it’s clear that climate change will erase many things that are important to us and I can’t believe that people around me aren’t more troubled by that.

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  5. Such a beautiful winter wonderland, even with higher temps. Temps are higher here as well, which explains why we haven’t had real snow or ice weather for a few years now.


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