The geese all squawk and then they stop

A year ago today.

It’s funny. I felt rushed when I wrote that post because I was so tired and I wanted to go to bed, and although I think about all of that quite a bit I haven’t written about it much more. Such a year.

Dad was horrible. My flight got caught on the tail end of a snowstorm and ORD was a maelstrom of unhappy, unwashed travelers. The flight attendant was extremely kind to me and let me sob on his shoulder for about ten minutes. I stayed at LHR for an hour drinking coffee and hoping my soul would catch up with my body. After so much time in processed air, going into real air to get into London was beyond bracing. Piccadilly Circus — more people in one place than I had experienced in some time. A great deal on the hotel, and it was like falling asleep into a cocoon. The last phase of the Harry and Meghan scandal dominated the news. I was teaching my online class and it all seemed very surreal from the darkened hotel. View of Trafalgar Square from the window. Those pictures are all on my old phone; I need to download them all still. Dinner with Hari at a fantastic continental / Viennese sort of place. I’m still remembering that meal. Feeling truly relaxed for the first time in months.

There’s a start. I need to at least jot it all down.

~ by Servetus on January 14, 2021.

12 Responses to “The geese all squawk and then they stop”

  1. Awwww…it is good to read this…all those feelings… wonderful memories…makes me a bit teary-eyed… always not enough time….


  2. Période horrible aujourd’hui à Londres: personne ne flanne plus à la nuit tombée sur Picadilly Circus . Les paroles déprimantes d’Astrov et de Sonia résonnent comme des prémonitions, fatidiques, voir fatales puisque leurs seuls espoirs se portent vers une vie lumineuse après leur mort…
    Puissiez-vous trouver à nouveau une épaule accueillante,


    • Every time I think there will be light at the end of the tunnel it feels like it narrow again. I try to remind myself that the sun rises every morning.

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  3. I really miss traveling


  4. I am sorry that you had such an awful time getting to London ( the trials that we go through for the man!) but i’m so glad you got to see UV and had some time away,


  5. So lucky that you made that decision back then to actually go to London, despite everything being extra difficult to organise.


  6. Time flies and yet such trips sound like a lifetime away. That flight attendant sounds wonderful. I wish you could go on a getaway trip again! And Hari always knows lovely places to eat in London, She once took me to a nice Vietnamese (I think it was) place which was yummy.


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