Same procedure as every year

Chag urim sameach! I finally joined the local synagogue, there was a party tonight, and this was one of the songs we sang.

Armitage also posted his annual Christmas message. (Sorry, Mr. Armitage, TikTok is about seven bridges too far for me.)

~ by Servetus on December 19, 2022.

10 Responses to “Same procedure as every year”

  1. Happy Hanukkah Servetus (great video!)


  2. Great video, perfect sync of Guy ‘s and Thornton’s slow head turns to S’vivon song! Wonderful you went and sang Hanukkah songs! Enjoy! And thanks for posting Richard’s message. Hearing his voice, seeing those eyes and the slightly disheveled hair (jet lag?) just makes me smile. I saw Empire of Light, one of his film recommendations, over the weekend – – first time in a movie theater in quite some time. Warm wishes to All!


  3. Happy Hanukkah Servetus!


  4. Hanukkah sameach, Servetus! I’m glad you got to celebrate at a synagogue this year.


  5. Stay out of snow drifts! 🌨☺️


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