Richard Armitage sure loves those plaids

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New glimpse of Richard Armitage in Brain on Fire

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Thanks to @mooseturds.

New promo picture for Brain on Fire. . @chloegmoretz #chloemoretz #chloegracemoretz #moretz #brainonfire #richardarmitage

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Richard Armitage’s tweets this morning

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We thank you

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Although it’s not enough: thanks to everyone who stands physically between us and harm, or runs toward, instead of away from, danger.

Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: Post-terrorism edition

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Dealing with my own John Porter / we need a hero addiction. Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back 1.6. Source:

Richard Armitage as dad

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nudnik: a pestering, nagging person; a bore. From Russian, nudnyi, tedious; came into English via eastern Yiddish. Richard Armitage as Gary in Into the Storm. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery.

Collateral attractions: Another positive review of Annabel Capper in Mrs. Packard

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