And we will know Richard Armitage by his nose

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Richard Armitage tangentially related

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Looks like Richard Armitage is sticking with baseball caps

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Omakase Guyday Friday #richardarmitage

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Whichever Guy of Gisborne(s) the chef gives you, I hope they are to your taste! (I’m in a strange mood tonight, apparently.)

Top 10 projected plotlines for Berlin Station #3 #richardarmitage

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From snippets of script drafts found in the writers room. 100 percent authentic! We can really see that they are trying to pep up Daniel’s role here.

10. Noah Kirsch tells his father he’s coming back to Europe to do an internship with the CIA

“Why are you here?”
“Because I want to serve my country and Europe is so much cooler than northern Virginia! And because the writers wanted an identification point for the under eighteen market segment!”

9. Steven finally goes to visit his wife’s new digs in Provence and discovers she’s bonking Hector

Steven’s disbelief when he sees the evidence. Yeah — I don’t believe it either, dude.

8. Daniel goes swimming

Why did they leave him fully clothed at poolside in season 2? Such a serious missed opportunity!

7. Esther and Daniel have a conversation about their relationship that actually makes sense

She tells him there’s food in the fridge, he hears her offering to cook him breakfast — time for a hearing test, Daniel!

6. April and Lena, resentful that they were both manipulated, open a men’s salon together in Budapest. They talk Daniel into growing his neo-Nazi buzz into a bouffant

Because Lena’s got a real flair for hairstyling.

5. Upset by her betrayal at the hands of Josef Emmerich, Valerie turns to debreceni kolbász for comfort

Thus replacing one sausage with many!

4. The show plumbs Daniel’s wild, drug-fueled clubbing past

This is not a manip — it’s actually a still from the More4 press pack. I guess they figured they could save money by recycling the unused footage.

3. Daniel’s faces the consequences for trafficking in fake Spanish artifacts

This plotline was prompted by Daniel’s inexplicable love for the straw donkey.

2. BB Yates has flashbacks that lead her to a #metoo moment

Or maybe she’s telling Daniel how she really feels about him.

And the number one projected plotline from Berlin Station 3:

1. Daniel discovers Stephen is his real father

(Or is that part of the plot of Oedipus Rex? I was teaching it this week. Or Star Wars?) Daniel gets teary just thinking about how Steven will never beat him up, and about all the father-son bonding they’ll be able to do.

Richard Armitage still dominates Berlin Station 3 poster

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Dreaming about the nape curl vortex @richardarmitage

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Richard Armitage, World’s End premiere, summer 2013.

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