My Zoe at TIFF 2019 #richardarmitage

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Richard Armitage tangentially related

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Brief update

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This week was: mtg with accountant (–>arguments about withholding) and then half-day neuropsychological evaluation (–> arguments about what’s been happening around here; –> exhaustion) and then the first visit from the “senior helper” (preceded by –>arguments about why this is unnecessary and a waste of money and –>abusive language re: same). A brief break on Thursday morning was followed by –>arguments about how I am doing everything wrong and then, on Friday, the news that Flower is in the hospital (she woke up with a high fever and was unable to stand), which led to more –>arguments when I tried to get dad to the hospital before visiting hours ended. Then yesterday, the normal –>arguments around the grocery pickup, followed by –>arguments about visiting Flower as we needed to go in the afternoon because of a planned trip to my uncle’s house for his wife’s birthday –>big arguments about the route, getting lost in the middle of nowhere without an Internet signal and then getting soaked at the party and coming home to find out I needed to make a rush shopping trip to get something to the hospital before the end of visiting hours.

And then when I got home I learned there was a mass shooting and then when I got up this morning it turned out there had been a second mass shooting.

I’m feeling a bit like I’m being pounded into the ground. I’m sure the survivors and their families have this reaction in spades. “Richard Armitage tangentially related” and more blogging follow after I get back from the hospital, and as soon as I can get my head together. Thanks for continuing to be here.

Gotta love Germany

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They were always very generous to me with residence permits as well (providing I followed the rules and had the right paperwork). I know that Germany isn’t perfect but lately I’ve started to think they are the only people left who really understood the lessons of WWII.

Okay? #richardarmitage

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Richard Armitage in the company of a strong Korean cast

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Here’s a report via Google Alerts on Victory. It’s really about the addition of a Korean actress but he is mentioned.

Richard Armitage tangentially related

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