Richard Armitage in Nike for the win

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Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 202: Let The Right One In
Originally shot as 203

Chatting about #MeToo

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Excerpts from a conversation last Friday:
[me]: In light of everything that’s happening re: Weinstein, I want to express my gratitude that you believed me re: [my harasser] and stood up for me. I still don’t like thinking about it, but I appreciated and appreciate your support and the price you have paid for it.
[him]: Thanks a lot, but you shouldn’t thank me. But I agree with you that it was a considerable price for all of us to pay. For us three it was connected with the end of a lengthy, intimate friendship, to say nothing of the professional relationships. […] These crimes that [your harasser] committed are like a poison that not only contaminated the people who were affected directly, but everyone who ends up having to deal with it as well, a poison that paralyzes and destroys and that doesn’t decay away over the years. It’s good for us to talk about it, finally, even if it hurts.
I think I’m not to that place yet. I couldn’t really talk about it with him, even though the fact that he believed me and supported me had almost as big a cost for him as the harassment itself did for me. But I’m trying. Meanwhile, check out Guylty‘s and Esther‘s #MeToo posts.
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More Richard Armitage / Berlin Station discussions

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Presumably you’re interested in other fan opinions of Berlin Station beyond mine. There are two new Armitage fan recaps starting at Unkraut vergeht nicht (in German) and at Luscinnia (German author, writing in English). Also, for some more touristic glimpses of Ronda, where most of episode 2.2 was filmed, check out nellindreams.

ETA: Guylty joins the party!

Come as you are, Richard Armitage

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Very healthy, Richard Armitage

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So does Richard Armitage order Currywurst?

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At least we know he can!

So my apologies to Olen Steinhauer

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According to this interview he’s apparently left Berlin Station — so the borderline-offensive scenes in Berlin Station 2.1 are apparently Bradford Winters’ responsibility.

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