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Adult coloring book forthcoming.

The gender of Brexit has been on my mind, too

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I find myself thinking about Theresa May a lot these days. I’m pretty sure I’d never vote Tory if I were a UK voter. And I’m absolutely sure I’d have voted “remain.”

That stuff aside: I feel a lot of sympathy for her. Would she be getting this much lack of cooperation from the ranks of her party if she were a man? Is it easier to question the authority of a woman, even now? Why are the Tories apparently out to destabilize their own program? If she’s such a terrible leader, why won’t any of the men take responsibility — why leave ALL the dirty work to a woman? (I imagine we know the answer to that question.) And even though I’d favor a second referendum at this point (given that Parliament seems to have no majority for any course of action at the moment), I understand her position that the results of the previous one seem to indicate that this is what a slight majority of UK voters want, and so it’s her job and the Tories’ job to deliver it. Even if I disagree vehemently with the ends she is pursuing I recognize her sense of vocation and (maybe a feeling that if she quit, things could only get worse). In the end: It seems like the only way a woman can hang on to power sometimes is by promising to cede it (Nancy Pelosi had to do the same thing on the very same day) and I resent that it’s still that way.

Guyday Friday appropriate for Advent or (very late) Chanukkah #richardarmitage

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But you’re not the vampire

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Do you need help in that department?

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Richard Armitage tangentially related

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A snippet about My Zoe

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At 2:22 and after.

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