Armitage sighting at 3:08

Here. Still watching myself.

OMG. see him scream at 3:57.

my (very sloppy) caps:

And sounds like he was in one scene with Cate Blanchett, at Elrond’s table.

This is his favorite memory so far, and he’s so shy he doesn’t even really look at the interviewer …

Sigh ….

Greeting John Rhys-Davies

And then it closes with him saying he got a tingle the first time he saw everyone in their gear — all the guys who were going on the quest.

Richard Armitage. Seriously, could you be any sweeter? I hope you’re having as much fun as you’re working hard. The video blog makes it look like one wonderful fiesta for real boys.

~ by Servetus on July 21, 2011.

21 Responses to “Armitage sighting at 3:08”

  1. Keep watching, he gets chatty later in the video.


  2. yes, I love the way he screams too — so commanding!


  3. And I wish he will sing, seems like other dwarves will!


  4. Just watched the whole thing!! To exciting for words. THORIN!!! Wow can he berserk or what!! 😀


  5. This is just really touching to watch — both the berserking and the reminiscing.

    What it seems like is that in addition to being really hard work, it’s also just a ton of fun.


  6. Ohh, Thorin looks awesome!!!! Damn, I’m going to be perving on a dwarf. ;


  7. One hopes that little people will get some mileage out of this — that people will realize that short does not mean unsexy.


  8. Was it just me but when JRD said “Women all over the world will be chasing you!”, I thought “well, that won’t be new to RA.” ;D Noticed RA kept his eyes downcast. He’s so shy.


    • yeah, I was watching for a reaction there too and wasn’t surprised to see him averting his eyes 🙂

      John Rhys-Davies has a “complex” relationship life himself, if I remember correctly, a tragic story — a severely disabled wife and a public mistress or something like that? Need to check that out.


      • ok, his wife from whom he was separated but not divorced, had severe Alzheimers. She died in 2010.

        Turns out R-D now lives in NZ.


    • Oh I loved that too judiang!! He sits there so calmly hardly raising his head as though he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself and talks so quietly – then he stands up and we see how big a guy he is as gets into character and yells like a banshee!! Yep! The chameleon at work once again! 🙂


  9. Last week has been amazing, I’m afraid we’re getting spoiled with so many good news! Never thought PJ would release another video just now.
    It’s wonderful how can RA superbly incorporate characters that are quite contrary to his own ways as himself, and still make it rich in details and nuances. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do with Thorin.
    Good to see great characters back: Galadriel, Elrond, Saruman.
    On the other hand, Bombur is a bit ridiculous and very similar to Obelix.


    • exactly my thoughts, i thought he looked like Obelix. I think they are trying to make this a more fun movie than LFTR and hence some dwarfs are made to look funny.


      • They are also funny in The Hobbit, the book. Thorin’s entrance involves him falling over a pile of dwarfs who are clogging the doorway to Bag End 🙂


    • I think the video comes now because of Comic-Con (the big comics / fantasy convention), which is taking place this weekend in San Diego. PJ wants to set the tone for the discussion of The Hobbit that’s going on there, I think, and get ahead of the media.


  10. […] even buy some of the publications. July 2011 saw not only the Captain America premiere, but also Hobbit vlog #4. A big month for Armitage; a big week for this blog, with its highest single-hit day ever. Those […]


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