Poll: Which Hobbit TV spot do you like best?

I started writing this last week sometime, and then got interrupted. Also, given the way these appeared, I was always reacting by posting the latest one, almost never responding analytically. I’m going to post later today about one aspect of Richard Armitage’s trousers in that suit, but it’s going to take a little while, still, and it occurred to me after watching the premiere on livestreaming that they showed us all of the television previews again, which was kind of neat. I also admit frankly that I’m still avoiding a full examination of my feelings about the premiere because I’m still really, crazily emotional.


I’m using Heirs of Durin’s numbering system here.

1. The original. “Done much fighting?”

2. “So. This is the Hobbit.”

3. “We will reclaim our homeland!” (Spanish voiceover)

4. “Look out!”

4 [extended]. “A merry gathering.”

5. Not so much Thorin.

International spot. Thorin sings. Japanese subtitles.

6. “Why did you come?”

7. Dwarves are clumsy, don’t like salad.

Here’s the poll:


You can also watch all of them in a row in a fanmade trailer (h/t RichardArmitageNet.com).

~ by Servetus on November 29, 2012.

24 Responses to “Poll: Which Hobbit TV spot do you like best?”

  1. I voted for “Hobbito” with the japanese subtitles. The song, the scenery and the voice-over are magnificent. I love “so this is the hobbit” as well. The tv spot that I really want to see now is the one that was broadcast last night (US) but still has not surfaced on Youtube – according to posters at TORN Thorin gives Bilbo a hug.


  2. It’s hard for me to choose. I went with the Japanese one because I love the singing, and it’s exciting and well done.
    However, the one you’ve listed as “not much Thorin” is probably one of my favorites, because although there isn’t much dialogue there are some great images of Thorin — slashing down on the troll’s arm; spinning with incredible, chill-inducing, awe-inspiring grace to defend against an onslaught of goblins; running through the harsh wilderness.
    And finally, in terms of the storytelling, I love the one called “Why did you come?” because it shows one of the most touching themes of the entire story: the moment when Bilbo expresses what “home” means to him, the loss of the dwarves, and why he’s on the quest. The last one contains the best reason for going to see the movie, IMHO — a heartfelt story.


    • Okay, not running through the wilderness but standing up in the treetop. Sometimes I get a little mixed up.


      • I don’t think this was an easy choice. I loved all the moments you mentioned. My second choice would have been the “why did you come” one just because Thorin sounds so overwhelmed. The emotionality of a lot of these scenes is really attracting me to the movie.


        • I think that’s potentially what will make this a great movie — the emotion. There are some powerful, meaningful story themes here, like home, loyalty, bravery and determination, and if we as an audience can connect to those emotions through the characters, this will elevate the story above a mere adventure tale.


  3. […] Thanks to L for notice. […]


  4. Voted the Spanish one. – because that was Thorin’s cause and raison d’etre. Homeland. But it was a struggle with the singing, and Shore’s music.


  5. I naturally must go with my most earth-shaking Hobbit moment so far, RA singing ;o)
    Otherwise I would have chosen No 1, as Thorin gets to talk the most in this one and I like his sense of irony 😉


  6. “Hobbito”! 🙂


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