Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: A non-exhaustive list

In future, I think I’m going to call this attitude “Armitage Objectification Mode.” Or perhaps, diagrammatic excesses of para-socialism. (No Tea Party jokes, please.)


uf4_14Ian Macalwain (Richard Armitage) listens to a briefing in Ultimate Force. Source:


Recognise-3Richard Armitage, from unpublished photoshoot for Recognise Magazine, July 2011. Source:


strike-back3Richard Armitage as John Porter in un-broadcast Strike Back “viral” video. Source:


 ns4-319Margaret (Daniela Denby-Ashe) expresses her affection for Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) in episode 4 of North & South. Source:


series7-48Richard Armitage as Lucas North in a publicity still for series 7 of Spooks. Source:


vlcsnap-2013-02-21-10h16m32s253Sr. Bernadette (Sibulele Gclitshana) challenges John Porter’s (Richard Armitage) attitude in Strike Back 1.4. My cap.


vlcsnap-2013-02-21-11h13m17s168Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) listens as Bilbo attempts to leave the company, in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. My cap.


vlcsnap-2012-05-17-21h40m42s120Paul Andrews (Richard Armitage) and Alona Cunningham (Julie Graham) do their sex therapy practice in episode 5 of Between the Sheets. My cap.


cbeebies5_024Richard Armitage in Cbeebies (2006). Source:


spooks701_041Lucas North (Richard Armitage) shows Harry Pearce his Russian prison tattoos, in Spooks 7.1. Source:


SH3_148John Standring (Richard Armitage) and Carol Boulton (Sarah Smart) on the evening after their wedding, in episode 3 of Sparkhouse. Source:


rh203_105Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) responds to Marian’s overtures of friendship in Robin Hood 2.3. Source:


I may expand this list as time goes on … for now, I have to get to work. Have a wonderful day!

~ by Servetus on February 21, 2013.

131 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: A non-exhaustive list”

  1. Shazam! Take it to the rim why don’t you! (outstanding BTW)

  2. Wooow… you would like to kiss him everywhere… But I understand, lol.

  3. One particular image … actually one particular word on that image … just made me choke on a chocolate mini egg 😉 I can’t find one place I disagree with you on … not even the dinosaur! Lol!

  4. And here I thought when I saw the headline that we were talking about locations — i.e., “my tub,” “nook at the back of the university library,” “under the sun on a bright day in Regent’s Park, London.” What was I thinking?

  5. I should also say that this post just lifted me out of a bit of a slump! I can see the comments are going to stop me slipping back into it! 😉

  6. Had a dreadful day but that put a smile on my face!

  7. You and me, too, Servetus. And how I could expand the list.

  8. You could have just said “anywhere”. And if you had made a graphic of that with the arrows, it would have looked like a acupuncture chart…
    But anyway – kudos. And good taste. You’re hardly leaving any space for us to kiss 😉

  9. You missed a spot. 😉

  10. wow, those are a lot of kisses! ♥
    I almost feel like studying English – 1st level, Body Parts…
    If only my textbook had been so visually engaging 😉

  11. I knew this post was a comeback but for some reason my weird brain was thinking about geographical places LOL
    THIS of course exceeded my imagination!! And no where you mention an upper body part that starts with an n, that’s where my eye fell on in the dinosaur cafe 🙂
    Hooza for AOM!!

  12. Having spent a rather cold day moving straw and clearing up our barn, this has certainly warmed my cockles!! If only I could get to warm his!

  13. All of the above, and so many more!! 😉
    Thank you so very much for making me laugh out loud on what can only be classified as the worst day of my year… :-))
    Oh, and please don’t hesitate to share the results of further investigations on this subject!! My personal addition to the list: just above his collarbone 😛

  14. Giggles! Of course, when I saw the email notification with just your post title, I instantly thought “Paris” were I making the choice. Ha!

  15. Am I the only one who’d like to apply light dentile pressure to the teres?

  16. …you alert my senses and make my heart thumping away! Can you feel it? What a raft of sensual offerings… Me too, I want (to kiss) them all, avid as I am (not only today) !! Mon dieu!……..

  17. The images (here and in my head!) and the laugh-out-loud comments have made for a wonderful start to my day! Totally agree with your list serv, but would like to also stake my claim on that little scar on his forehead. 😉

  18. 😀 …who wants vodka and tonic?!

  19. So the next question is.. would you jump about (not literally, obviously, as that might frighten the man and his dinosaur) or start at the top and work down?

    Never mind a Vodka and tonic – i need a cold compress and a lie down.

  20. Oh my gosh! I’m choking with laughter here. 😀 Can I claim first dibs on the “Adams Apple”?? I may need quite a few “snifter’s’ to give me some Dutch courage first!! 😉

  21. I’ll take all the spaces in between your list of places, Serv. 😉
    Well, except for the dinosaur. I quite like the dinosaur. (rofl)

  22. Every square inch of that gorgeous body!

    But if I’m going to claim my particular body part, I think I’d like the mid-sternum.

  23. You owe me a new keyboard! Also, remember that the dinosaur is now – according to the master himself – his “weapon”. Anyone want to take any bets on what he has named it? *sniggers*

    Back to me now. hahaha … I would like to claim the following kissing spots:

    1. The top of his head (no, I am not talking about his weapon).
    2. His squama frontalis, especially the pronounced side ridges.
    3. His eyelids – immediately followed by blowing softly on his eyelashes.
    4. His philtrum (a.k.a. ‘love potion’) and his Cupid’s bow. Of course, that would force me to trap his upper lip in mine and pull lightly, which might lead to other types of lip action.
    5. His nipples of steel, followed by some other actions, I’m sure.
    6. His guns, a.k.a. biceps.
    7. Each of the fingertips on those glorious hands, specifically the fingerprint areas, where I’d be forced to lick off the SCHARFFEN BERGER.
    8. His Thighs of Thunder, concentrating on his quadriceps; the formally trained dancer in me cannot resist them!
    9. His patellas and, last but not least…
    10. …I’d leave a trace of kisses from the top of his spine all the way down to his waist.

    As you can see, I have not given this much thought at all – ever! Does this mean I’ll have to confess how I continue to debase his human dignity and deeply offend God in the process? *snort* [I’ve already begun to seriously research my response to that blog post, which I promised to present during FanstRAvaganza. Stay tuned to see if I’ll get struck by lightning!]

    P.S: In real life, if I ever met him, I’d probably wouldn’t even manage to look the man in the face, let alone touch him. I am *that* shy. *sigh*
    P.P.S: Oh, how blogging gives us “courage” to express things we probably would not otherwise!

  24. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! I can’t see any one of you claiming the inner wrist where the radIus meets the carpal bones at the bottom of the thumb. I claim it mine! (Thanks, Servetus, for another wonderful post. Have a happy, kiss-filled weekend, everybody!)

  25. If we are reserving particular bits, can i please have the inguinal vein?

  26. Okay, the dinosaur had me laughing out loud. Great list!

  27. RAvishing cartography, indeed, Servetus! No compass needed as I would zoom in on the obvious spot – the luscious lips for a kiss to rival Margaret’s!

    • I think I’d put that on the “places where I’d like Armitage to kiss me” list. Great to hear from you, Milly.

  28. My Dream is to kiss his beard. I just think about it everytime I see a picture of him with the beard. If he let me do that I would happily die. I must be grazy. And of course his soft cheeks and beautiful hands.

  29. You call it ass, I call it arse, Richard’s by any other name would still be as gorgeous…… I claim the bum!

  30. wow, if he ever read this blog what a turn-on it would be for him….very tastily, I mean, tastefully, done, Servetus! Nice use of Latin terminology. Preserves the cerebral nature of the blog…

  31. So many places you’d like to kiss him…. so would I 😉 Even on “objectification mode” you’re still quite articulate ! I’m not sure every fan could, especially on the peaches topic 😀

    • well, I do speak for a living … but I’m not planning to actually kiss him in any of these places. Just to dream about it as long as it’s pleasurable.

  32. I was referring to a basketball analogy about scoring, but it has since occurred to me that this bit of slang might be easily misconstrued…or have I been reading too much Hobbit fan fic?

    • Oops…this was supposes to go waaay up at the top under my first comment – sorry!

      • I don’t watch BB and I do read fanfic, so I obviously misunderstood you. But I thought that could be beyond the pale even for where this blog has gone over time … guess I am getting old.

        • I was initially pointing to the “in your face” nature of the post, and after we got going looked back and thought “oh boy”. Not on my naughtiest day would I go straight there :). Making note to avoid future misleading BB analogies! For anyone who still has no idea what we’re talking about, just as well 🙂

          • yeah, I only noticed in retrospect how angry / frustrated I was. Sign of creeping old age, I suppose. But it was intended as a sort of “in your face” kind of thing, you were right about that.

            • Judging by the response, you were not alone. Remind me never to throw down…you’re clearly not afraid to return fire. 🙂

              • This was kind of one of those identity-defining moments, I think. Actually, I’m really rather irenic on a day to day basis.

  33. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have made me the night again, I have not stopped laughing, incredible …… has faithfully represented what many think and you brought other interesting ideas ….
    many thanks !!!!!!!

  34. What a great post and I have enjoyed reading the comments. What was to a nice relaxing 4 days off work was not. But nice to read this on Sunday evening. I started to late last night, but with Husband in the same room I changed my mind and keep it till I was alone.

    • Sorry to hear your time off was stressful — but yes, relax with some Armitage kissing in mind …

      • Relaxing again. Back to work today, but that is o.k. I just didn’t think that I would spend 8 hours on Friday baking goodies for Husband to take to work on Saturday for his 10 hour day, due to that big ski race. He was tried and so was I. Everyone at his work had to work that day and so lots of goodies to be baked. I did get a thank you from his boss.

  35. I want to kiss him where he wants to be kissed in his wildest dreams.

    • Well, that’s the way to stay in someone’s thoughts for years — do something for him that he really wants that he can’t admit to …

  36. I should like to claim his forehead ridge thingies (totally scientific term).
    And his shamefully neglected neck and jawline.

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  46. How come I never saw this one before? One word – Brilliant (as always!)

  47. Is it sinful that I saved them all photos for further study? I made a special folder which I might label in Latin… scientifically..

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