Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: A non-exhaustive addendum

Continued from here.

cbeebies3_042Richard Armitage in CBeebies. Source:


cbeebies2_017Richard Armitage in CBeebies. Source:


cbeebies5_032Richard Armitage in CBeebies. Source:


cbeebies4_039Richard Armitage in CBeebies. Source:

~ by Servetus on June 8, 2013.

19 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: A non-exhaustive addendum”

  1. Wow. He has a really well-defined heart line. Good for licking, I’d imagine. And nibbling. As would be the battery-pack. (looking arch, and also slightly electrocuted)


  2. I thought he liked dangerous sports! 😉


  3. I’m afraid that RA’s neck would win out over the “brand label” for me. Ha!

    Of course, when I saw the email notification with the post title, I instantly thought under a willow tree in a lush garden in the moonlight. Giggles! Of course, then my mind wandered from there. Ha!


  4. All good, but all very close to other tempting places.


  5. Hmmm. That’s not JUST a battery pack (of course, there are batteries in them) but also performs the vital transmitting function between the lavalier microphone he’s wearing and the receiver (transmitters are also included in handheld wireless microphones).

    I’ve often wondered if they’d ever advance this technology, but given view of a similar lavalier mic. / bodypack transmitter set-up during the George Stroumboulopoulos show – I’d have to guess no.

    I used to pass the Shure company headquarters on my way to Costco / Target stores in Niles, IL, so I’ve often thought about the use of Shure’s products worldwide. 😀


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