Less ambiguous hands-on-face Richard Armitage?

This is a photo by David Venni, taken sometime around the late fall of 2009. Contrast to the hand position of the photo by Leslie Hassler in Guylty’s *ooof*.


~ by Servetus on November 20, 2013.

12 Responses to “Less ambiguous hands-on-face Richard Armitage?”

  1. 🙂 yawning?


  2. Great, you dug a picture up that can be compared to the Hassler shot. I have to say, I think this one is actually much truer to life than the Hassler shot. This appears less posed – especially because he is hiding so much of his face behind the hands, something that the photographer probably would have prevented, and because he seems to be caught while moving his head forward, as we often do when we break out laughing.
    Looks like a natural gesture during the shoot, laughing at a joke of the photographer, maybe. I like the symmetry of the shot, and that there is a hint of a smile in his eyes.
    Again, a shot that somehow discloses more by showing less…


    • I remember at the time that these came out (some time after they were taken) people were really enchanted with the hands on face images — this being IMO the best one. It does look more spontaneous and I’m glad you explained why.


      • I think it actually has an air of sweetness in it. That, I suspect, is gone by now… Too many shoots spoil the sitter, as the old saying goes.


        • Interesting! I did not know that saying.


          • Serv!!!!!!!!!!! In imitation of “too many cooks spoil the broth” 😉 Not sure if all togs would agree with me, but I do think that experience – while making it easier for the photographer – also takes away the innocence of the sitter.


            • Yeah, you are so right, Guylty! As just said, thanks for this wonderful explanation. And a big “wow” for the ever attentive Servetus for bringing the two pictures “together”. This is so eye-opening.


  3. Yes, this is much better. Still open to view but more honest and unposed.


  4. Nothing scintillating to add to the comments, just……I love his hands.


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