2015 theme: Liberation

Pleasure doesn’t really seem to cut it; maybe I am just not that woman. But referencing this: 2013 was about “no fear,” and two big fear inducers materialized; 2014 was about “no guilt, no shame,” and immediately those things materialized. So in saying that this year’s theme is “liberation,” I’m no doubt calling the things that want to enslave me down upon me. If that is how it goes, so be it.


TI1_031Claude Monet (Richard Armitage) forges ahead to find a new awareness of light and color in episode 1 of The Impressionists. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com


~ by Servetus on January 5, 2015.

15 Responses to “2015 theme: Liberation”

  1. Ditto, Serv. 😀


  2. Liberation? Hmmmm. I’m on board…let’s go, girl!


  3. Liberation sounds fantastic. Nothing like the freedom that comes from being able to pursue all the avenues available or the ones we open ourselves to! I, too, hope that this year brings much that is new and positive…reaching out for my destiny with open arms, no holds barred. I’m at that point where I can honestly say, why not?
    Late to the party, as I was out of town and unable to be on the blogs, but Happy New Year to all! Really looking forward to all of those represented having a phenomenal year of creativity and of complete satisfaction within ourselves! Can’t thank you enough, Serv for being the “space” we all come to to share and think and enjoy!


  4. Liberation? Um, yes.


  5. Liberation – To quote Han Solo, “I like the sound of that.” May you break free of the”stuff” which is holding you up, back, down, and sideways. And thank you, in advance, for taking us on another “road trip” in your life. It might be bumpy, but it is never boring.

    down, back,


  6. All right, gang, more liberation for all of us!


  7. I’m all in for liberation.


  8. Liberating here, liberating now 🙂


  9. […] won’t like that. It also attempts, however, to be point-blank honest about my feelings. My theme of 2015 is “liberation” and I’m really optimistic that the prospective forthcoming expansion of our fandom will […]


  10. […] Yeah, I’m usually anti-resolution, but strange times call for strange measures, and since this secular year’s theme is still “liberation” and I am still working on it, here […]


  11. […] not a resolution maker, which is why I do this thing with themes I am trying to pursue. Last year’s theme was “liberation,” and although I was not fully liberated during this year, I did finally succeed in taking a big step […]


  12. […] being fearless (sorry, Mr. Armitage, that was a few years ago for me), I refused to feel guilty, I freed myself from an exhausting situation, and I asked for the help I needed and I go on […]


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