Time to ogle the Armitage

tumblr_niqvdjwuef1qmroe5o3_1280Nothing new here, I just needed to ogle tonight.

tumblr_niqvdjwuef1qmroe5o1_1280Thanks for your patience while I start the ogling. And think about where I’d want to put my hands.

~ by Servetus on January 20, 2016.

39 Responses to “Time to ogle the Armitage”

  1. There is always time ogling (oder ogleing?) the Armitage! Soviel Zeit muss sein 😀 Passt gut zum ersten Kaffee.


  2. NICE 😀 Ogle away!!!


  3. I’ll happily join you!!! 😉 I was going to watch TC on DT tonight but left it a bit late! Tomorrow is also a day! 😀


  4. Morning-ogling in The Netherlands as well! Wait, no… it’s just after noon now….
    These are some of my fave ogling images, by the way. 🙂


  5. Ode to Ogling

    A gent whose appeal was global,
    Caused many a lady to ogle.
    When his shirt was discarded.
    And his torso regarded,
    The watchers were rendered immobile.

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  6. Ogling is good for the soul and the libido. Hmmm mmmm nodnod


  7. He’s so beautiful . . .


  8. With him, I’ll just let my hands do the ogling, who needs eyes? < gasp> did I just say that??? sham on me..slinking out.


  9. […] latest poetic outpouring, caught in the comment thread to Servetus’ refreshing appeal “Time to ogle the Armitage“. Since not everyone bothers with all the comments, I present you with a gem of rare beauty, […]


  10. […] where you may have spotted the avalanche of odes that was kicked off when Servetus posted a call to ogle Richard, and Kathy retorted with an ode to ogling. Not to be outdone, several other readers chimed in with […]


  11. […] recently, Kathy kicked off a flurry of odes on Servetus’ blog. Head over to the comments on Servetus blog post from 20 January 2016 which contain a couple of Jones gems. Also, Jennifer, who writes […]


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