Richard Armitage explains


~ by Servetus on June 16, 2016.

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  1. Err… I don’t have to understand that, do I?

  2. I’m so tempted.

    • I just deleted what I was going to say because it set off even my snarkmeter.

      • I know, eth? .I hit the backspace sooo may times before just saying that. Like, the world would have been so much better of if, say, Ghandi for instance had just kept his mouth shut. I’m going out. I can’t be near a computer today. Mantra for the day…will not respond to tweet, will not respond to tweet.

  3. Then again,Gandhi was not restricted to 140 characters to express his thoughts about a mass murder,was he?

  4. I rolled my eyes so much, they almost popped out of my skull 🙄

    • Fandom can be dangerous to the vision.

      • “Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie ihren Arzt oder Apotheker” Standardspruch nach jeder Arzneimittelwerbung im TV 😂

        • I figure usually the problem in fandom is heart attack / stroke.

        • I am one of them, if you need help I can be useful. “Coming out”…
          But not today I prefer watching Brat Pitt and Jackie Chan as 24H Mans costars on TV.
          The dilemma is to be or not to be near a motor-racing circuit.
          Forgiveness And Intention:
          I have to forget traffic jams, road shop closures, noise and air pollution, Fortunately the wind is coming from the west with rain and sun, I hope my family will sleep tonight, to be perfectly healthy on monday for a new week of Baccalaureate and preparatory class’ tests or work. I can deal with that, due to Armitage’s last good words advices and intentions.
          Porsche or Audi or Toyota they are all beautiful, give work or fun to lot of people, but definitively, they are not my cup of tea..

  5. Controversially I rather want to say he should grow a pair and tweet like he means it. Think I just have 😉 That’s not to say he should never delete anything – we all regret things occasionally, be they spelling mistakes, poor grammar or just our own stupidity, but deleting more than not is just intensely irritating and, I have to admit, has put me off him a bit.

    • I agree. And I have to say, his excuse is so feeble it should be on life support. Sorry, just couldn’t stay quiet.

    • I agree

    • Hear, hear!

    • To the credit of a few couple of fan, who valued him more than anything else, does he deserves the majority of the opened eyes’others ?
      Or does he deserves more trolls?

      • Not sure I full understand your meaning; however, not liking the way he runs his social media is just my opinion. I have not and would not send him messages telling him that. On social media he deserves to be treated the same way we all deserve to be treated. Unfortunately not everyone understands this. As someone in the public eye he needs to have the courage of his convictions and ignore those that don’t like it. I’m not sure he has grasped this. But, again, that’s just my opinion.

        • I think it’s okay to tell him in that way; that is what Twitter is for. He doesn’t deserve to be bullied but I haven’t seen fans bullying him — only a few sockpuppets. Of course it depends on one’s definition of bullying.

        • Je sous entendais, qu’il est difficile pour un fan à l’esprit en éveil, d’agréer à tous ses revirements et de se contenter de peu de vrais sincères témoignages de sa part.
          Il se contente de laisser à notre disposition des voeux consensuels de bonne année , des photos retouchées, des reportages de sponsoring de publicité sur ses prochains travaux professionnels ou des demandes de participation financière à des oeuvres caritatives. Si beaucoup de fans s’en satisfassent, je parlerai de service minimum, comme toute française habituée aux grèves.
          L’idée de hiérarchie dans le fandom et de syndrome de supériorité, exprimée par OBSCURA est une notion réelle vécue, une frustration. D’où la notion de mérite! Un fan personnellement n’a aucun droit à exiger quoique ce soit, mais le fandom dans sa globalité mérite de la considération pas de la condescendance et des leçons de bienséance.
          C’est pourquoi la vie réelle m’attire de plus en plus, loin du star système.

          • I think we can always ask if the crush is worthy of one’s attention, admiration, etc., either on the basis of their person, their appearance, or their artistic production. I just think that the attraction to the crush doesn’t start off as being rational or intelligible. With anything like this, I can love something that might not be ideal for me to love. I really like gin and tonics and they are not good for me. That rational awareness doesn’t usually defeat my desire to drink one every time I have the chance.

            Of course most of what we see with celebrities is a veneer, a mask, and when we criticize, we criticize an appearance rather than a reality. Twitter challenges that notion, but in the end creates the reality of an even greater deception because it seems more real than what we used to get. I concede all these things. But I still want to keep drinking this particular drink.

        • I was implying, that it is difficult for a fair-minded fan, to accept all his reversals and to confine ourselves to few real sincere declarations from him. He leave us with: consensual New Year wishes, retouched selfies, advertising, sponsoring about his next professional works or requests of financial participation with charities. If many fans are satisfied with it, I shall speak about reduced service, like all the French people, who are used to strikes .
          The idea of hierarchy in the fandom and syndrome of superiority, expressed by OBSCURA is a real, experienced notion, a frustration. Hence the notion of merit! A fan personally is not aloud to require anything from him, but the fandom as a whole deserves consideration, not condescension and lessons of propriety.
          This is why real life attracts me more and more away from the star system.

  6. I honestly do not understand this. What does he mean? Somebody help me please. Tick off.
    ☐ There are so many people discussing this, my tweet is unnecessary.
    ☐ A tweet is not enough. We need to do more than just talk.
    ☐ I’m a little teapot… no, I mean, I am just an actor, not an agitator.
    ☐ I can’t remember why.
    ☐ I am just testing your reactions.

    Not trying to be funny. I simply don’t get it.

    • My interpretation is “This issue is so important, it is futile for me to tweet because my voice won’t make any difference.” The problem for me is his message is unclear (no blaming, that may be the nature of the beast which is Twitter), then chooses to erase what he has said. Then we are left with multiple interpretations of what he meant, first by what he wrote, second why he chose to delete. I don’t get it either.

      • So another message of humility and modesty? But 180k followers – he has got some reach. Surely that is something… As individuals, we may be insignificant, but as a collective we can move mountains. But political agitation is not for everyone… sigh
        And so, as is usual, the mystery remains. And while I enjoy the guessing and speculating in other contexts, I think there are some issues where mystery is inappropriate.

        • Yes, the whole mystery is frustrating, confusing and disappointing. I guess we will never know his reasons. I know are not entitled to them. But his comments were so mild (IMO), they didn’t seem worthy of deletion.

          • oops, meant “I know we are are not entitled to them.”

          • I think interpretively the first level of traditional textual hermeneutic insists that we should attempt to take something at face value. That is somewhat hard here.

    • “I’m a little teapot…” HAHAHAHAHA

  7. I think it means he is in need of (social) media training ar a pro to do it for him.

  8. “or” not “ar” – an edit or delete button would be helpful now 😉

  9. Hmmm… Yeah… that certainly explains everything…

  10. […] Richard Armitage’s decision to delete his tweets about Orlando and not entirely convinced by his explanation of same. This was a minority position among active fans and superfans, but it wasn’t an isolated or […]

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