Keep up with those biogs, Richard Armitage

Heinz Kruger was an opera singer?

Captain America: The First Avenger

~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

10 Responses to “Keep up with those biogs, Richard Armitage”

  1. Thanks for the link on this. I think this interview is just delightfully funny. His facial expressions in response to some of the questions are priceless, and the interviewer, a comic guy, did his homework. He chose Guy of Gisborne in answer to q about which character he would like to team up with as himself, in a buddy cop movie. Quick thinking – because in a way, he was 1/2 a buddy combo in Robin Hood Season 3.


    • I loved this interviewer — cared enough to do his homework but didn’t make it all insider baseball like some of the Hobbit interviews, despite his pop culture background. Will definitely be in my top ten.

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  2. What an amusing and enjoyable interview. Perry is right. The interviewer was very well prepared and likeable. Hahaha.. veteran actor!! Well that bothered our man obviously. Loved the fact that he came up with Guy. It implies that not only we are still in favour of a certain dark knight! Big side benefit: from now on we have an idea how Richie looks on Skype….. 😉


  3. Back off, Richie! Keep off your pretty hands away from my ❤ Guy!


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