Here. Please let it not have been terrorists, please just let it be some stupid shit.

~ by Servetus on December 19, 2016.

32 Responses to “Berlin.”

  1. I am so tired of this world. So much grief, violence, death every day. Positive things one can count on fingers of one hand. 😦

  2. I don’t want this to happen anywhere, but I admit I feel “closer” to Berlin than I used to, on account of BS, which lead to your and other’s information/ inside look at Berlin. Where was this in relation to what viewers might know? And we were just talking about Christmas markets – I learned Munich was better known for theirs.

  3. What a shitty day for humanity. Zurich. Istanbul. Berlin. Not to mention Aleppo. I refuse to be afraid, though.

  4. My thoughts are with them. For me it is so sad. As an participant of christmas markets I feel very touched. Words fail me

  5. What in the world is happening???
    Aleppo, Turkey and now this – It’s appalling – I feel so, so sorry for those afflicted.

  6. This is bad, 9 dead and many still fighting for their lives. My thoughts are with them and their loved ones. Is it worse because it is shortly before Christmas? I don’t know. It is a tragedy. (Like all the others we heard about this year)

    On the other hand, I have to admit that I’m so sick and tired of news channels (and people commenting there) jumping to conclusions whilst almost ignoring official statements. I had a look at some twitter feeds e.g. the NYT, it’s disgusting what you read there. Some people treat speculation as fact and try to score points for their political beliefs but are happy to complain about a lack of human decency – in this situation?!

    • “don’t read the comments” — but I’m worried about will happen now that the US will have a President who has absolutely no ability to wait a second before shooting his mouth off …

      • Don’t I know it…. and I tried, but failed again. Something I need to get a handle on in 2017. Maybe I should go back and subscribe to printed papers instead of digital ones. Not environmentally friendly but …

  7. I’m starting to feel hopeless.

  8. Devastating times :((((

  9. And plays RIGHT into the hands of the AfD while the CSU / CDU move further right all the time. Assange seems to be gunning for Merkel next, how that he’s done with Hillary Clinton.

    • Unfortunately you’re right. This is so frustrating and sad at the same time. I know that politicians want to be reelected and have to work for it but to capitalise on such a tragedy is wrong!!!

      • What increasingly disturbed me is that we’re seeing the lessons of Weimar politics played out on the national stage. The main takeaway of the Weimar republic was that the center disappeared — the burden of the political spectrum polarized and there were more people on the right than on the left. I thought this wouldn’t happen in the US because in contested elections, the electorate usually moves to the middle. That did not happen this time at all. It was odd. But now I think what Assange et al and people on the right of all kinds want is to destroy the center — it was sort of obvious in what wikileaks and even Glenn Greenwald were writing all this year. What the extreme Left doesn’t see is that if they destroy the political center in this way they will be next. It’s frightening.

        • Yes, history repeating, nothing learned (o the ‘wrong’ people did indeed learn?) from it. And I agree, it is frightening.

          The elections in 2017 will be tough. For Germany, there is no one but Merkel I fear. I’m not sure who to vote foe either at this stage. The trouble is that politics or media play a dangerous game here. I miss the trustworthy, level-headed politician who puts his or her foot down and finally “tells it like it is”. France and Italy will be difficult too.

          • There are some level-headed politicians, but right now they obviously are not as popular as one would hope they are. More so they are rolled over by this constant noise of the various media and those who appear to always be in the first row, the impulsive, bellowing, unreasonable ones, and of course the constantly lying and the especially showy ones!!!

          • And I just watched Joachim Gauck, someone for whom I have the utmost respect, say, “Der Staat wird entschlossen handeln, um Sicherheit zu gewährleisten.” So it begins, even in a liberal state. Ominous.

        • It’s sure is!!! And I can’t think of any high profile politician who would be willing and able to stop this development

  10. ‘Please let it not have been terrorists.’ Yes, I was thinking that too last night. Sadly, this morning, it does appear to have been a terrorist attack which will provide red meat to the far right. Our petty differences about lists pale into insignificance and the important part of RA’s message is that we should be ‘fearless’. When the Xmas markets reopen, I hope that people turn out in force in an act of solidarity to show that they are not afraid and that the terrorists cannot win.

    • jaydee09, you are done here. You’re an energy vampire. I don’t want to talk to you on Twitter and I don’t want to talk to you anywhere.

  11. Killing so many people looks so frighteningly easy 😦

    • I think it must have been this way for a long time; it just didn’t usually happen in the US and Europe.

  12. Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau. Etre conscient, mais ne pas laisser la peur tout emporter, sera un très dur défit, pour les années à venir. Heute bin ich eine Berlinerin.

  13. Participation in debate, my dear Jaydee09, at my blog, is reserved for people who obey the rules of debate. There is plenty of disagreement here and 90 percent of people don’t have an issue obeying the usual rules of discussion. You can’t, or won’t; you seek to deplete my energy in stupidities because it recharges your emotional banks and because the “Richard Armitage right or wrong” principle you espouse seems to give you an excuse to terrorize others, which I watch all over the place. In any case, I’ve spent years tolerating your behavior and trying to be understanding in the name of mutual fan solidarity, but you just reached the limit on the amount of energy that you are allowed to suck out of my online life. Happy Holidays! I know mine will be better without your commentary.

  14. I’m planning on going to the German-inspired Christmas market here today. Trying not to be anxious.

  15. I don’t have words for this.
    What do you do?

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