That is a pretty serious deletion

Yeah. Armitage’s tweet about being delighted to join Miles? Gone. Still there on instagram and FB, though?

~ by Servetus on January 8, 2017.

52 Responses to “That is a pretty serious deletion”

  1. Weird.

  2. Maybe his is no longer delighted.

    • maybe not. Very strange. Why delete just the one tweet?

      • Hopefully he had to withdraw from Miles because something better panned out. One can only hope (I confess, I really HATED the whole Miles project).

        • I didn’t have enough info to have formed an opinion — well, whatever it is, I hope it was a positive thing from his perspective.

          • I just watched the short and it just didn’t appeal to me and did not seem like anything ‘new’. Teenage anit-hero goes on the run to protect his girlfriend, dog, horse, mentally challenged friend against the evil state, parent, authority figure…..just seemed like nothing new. I am probably totally wrong but it seemed not new, not interesting and not appealing to me personally but it will hopefully be enjoyed by many others – just not my cup of tea. I hope it was a positive thing for him as well and not a result of a clash of creative differences or something sad or family crises in his personal life. Then again, he may still be in the project since it is still on FB?

        • 😜

  3. Maybe he jumped the gun posting about being in it? Just speculating…

  4. I think there may have been an issue with the IG link on that first tweet. The Vimeo one had a better quality playback. Just speculating, but I think if he was withdrawing he might have deleted both tweets.

    • I know that was true on the first tweet, which must have been why he tweeted it again, but now that tweet is gone, too, and the link worked okay on that tweet, I think. At least for me.

  5. I am finding his behaviour rather erratic and somewhat annoying. I have followed since 2004 N&S days, I ‘m wondering how much more time and energy to use up. Whatever the reason for deleting it is rather childish. There I’ve had my RA rant.

  6. Also in 2017. The show must go on…..

  7. There’s another Miles tweet left, as well as Facebook and instagram. So I don’t think he quit the project (yet). I must admit I’m not deliriously happy he’s in it. It looks like there will be good special effects for the robot, but it’s not original and I can’t imagine that he’d have a juicy / interesting role in something like this. I fear another Into the storm, probably with less screentime, though.

    • I don’t think there’s enough information to make a definitive evaluation. I suppose we’ll find out eventually.

  8. Hmm, interesting. I kinda took to this project and hope it’s still on.
    However, RA no longer seems delighted so now I don’t know what to think…(shrugs/hugs).

    • that’s what seems odd to me — why not put another tweet back in there that says “still delighted, link didn’t work” (if that was the case?).

      • The link works; it’s still delightful to watch IMO. That’s what I’m sticking to. Shooting could have been postponed though. That is, the tweet was premature…? I think some one else reached the same concl.

  9. He’s probably just very tired of hearing people natter on about something that is absolutely none of their business.

    • Pardon me. Why is it none of their business, exactly?

    • I mean it, seriously. If you didn’t want people to talk about something, why would you tweet about it?

      • Sometimes those arguments are …. funny… Ehrlich!

        • It’s interesting to observe the rhetorical pattern:

          1) Armitage announces a role
          2) Fans respond to announcement
          3) Armitage does not respond to fan responses
          4) Fans begin to criticize each other for their responses (in part b/c there is little to talk about otherwise)
          5) Someone tries to explain
          6) Armitage then partially deletes his announcement for reasons unknown (there could be many reasons)
          7) People speculate about about the reasons
          8) Someone says people shouldn’t speculate

          But, I mean, it’s a celebrity fandom. We talk about the celebrity and what the celebrity does and says. We fantasize about the celebrity. We speculate, we gossip. What else is there, really? Silent adoration, I guess.

  10. New Year, just like the old? (In terms of tweet/delete; fandom discussions!)

  11. One thing appears certain though – not deleting tweets wasn’t high on his list of new year’s resolutions 😉
    Maybe it was just a multitasking accident, you know, like standing on 🎿, trying to tweet, out in the freezing cold…. that sort of thing can happen then

  12. And…now all the posts are gone. Instagram, Facebook, the second of the two tweets. The plot thickens. Or thins. Or vanishes. I give up.

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