Richard Armitage with bowed head

crestfallen: sad or disappointed (usually used to describe an immediate response; figurative use, developing from the original use to refer to a bird with a drooping crest). Richard Armitage as John Standring in Sparkhouse, episode 2. Source:

crestfallen: sad or disappointed (usually used to describe an immediate response; figurative use, developing from the original use to refer to a bird with a drooping crest). Richard Armitage as John Standring in Sparkhouse, episode 2. Source:

~ by Servetus on February 21, 2017.

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  1. Oh I have such a soft spot for John Strandring.

  2. Me too. Wish I could give him a cuddle.

  3. Still haven’t seen it. Where would I find it? Any ideas?

    • I managed to piece it together on youtube the first time I saw it – one person had it in four parts. Then I bought the DVD from the UK (which works on my computer but not in my DVD player).

    • If you can afford it, a multi-region player is really worth it. You can find them on amazon, ebay, and probably elsewhere, too, but usually not in street shops. I guess the functions will vary with the models, but a quick look I just took at amazon showed players like this available at under 60$, on ebay for about 30$. (Blu Ray Players cost more, but there are relatively few Blu Rays in the UK anyway.) What you’d need to keep an eye on is whether or not your TV can handle the different video format used in the UK (PAL, as opposed to NTSC in the US) and if not, get a multi region player that converts this for you. I think that should be all – I’ve got one and really wouldn’t want to miss it.

      • Check the legal situation in your area. It’s not illegal to own one in the US, but there are laws governing whether it’s legal to sell one and they kind of fall into a grey area. Yes, you can buy them on amazon, but afaik due to third party sellers who are willing to flirt with the law.

        It’s unlikely in the U.S. that any legal authority would create a problem about this, but I think you guys are both Canadia, so you will want to check first.

        • I never thought of this since they’re legal here, too. But a quick look at amazon Canada shows that they’re sold there, too, and some even have ‘fulfilment by amazon’, so amazon ships them to you from their warehouses. I strongly doubt they’d do this if these players were illegal and could cause you any trouble there. Some customer’s reviews there brought up a good point though: If you get one, try to buy from a seller within your own country or you’ll have to pay not just international shipping but also customs fees, and who knows how high those are. So maybe such an amazon version might be better than ebay even though that looks cheaper at first.

          And about the computer solution: DVD drives should allow you switches, but only ever a limited number of them. Use them up and you’re stuck with your last choice. But: I got myself an external DVD player and put that on the desired region code 1, while leaving the internal player on the one it came with / 2. That way the limited number of code changes doesn’t pose a problem. And those drives aren’t expensive either.

          • Fulfillment by amazon means that someone else is selling them and they house and do the shipping; it’s not illegal to house or ship them. It’s just illegal to sell them. Amazon sells plenty of things that are in a grey area — for instance, it’s illegal to sell certain kinds of sex toys in Texas and I think, illegal to own more than a certain number of them. Doesn’t stop them. It just happens not be something that’s heavily enforced. I got my region-free from a third-party amazon seller and I had no problem with the law. Incidentally, a lot of foreign sellers ship from inside the US, so customs and shipping aren’t a problem. I was a state employee when I did it, so it was questionable. I wouldn’t do something like this if I were an elected official, personally, or had plans to be one.

            I want to say as general rule — don’t take advice regarding legal from someone outside your country (which in this case includes me, if you’re talking about Canada) who doesn’t know the rules or their application and is just guessing about them.

            • That sex toy thing was a real jaw-dropper just now. It makes me ask myself if US legislators really don’t have better things to do than regulate the number and type of sex toys a person is allowed to own. One should think so, considering some of the problems the US are dealing with.

              But in any case, I just wanted to help re. how to watch all the stuff that’s only available as imports. It’s always best to look at one’s own country’s regulations and technological idiosyncrasies to avoid surprises.

              • yeah, there’s a lot of foolish lawmaking the in US in general and TX in particular. A lot of is political statement stuff. They pass laws they know aren’t constitutional to prove to their constituents that they have the “right” values and it’s the federal government that is the source of all evil.

                I just looked it up again and it looks like they’ve declared it facially unconstitutional. So I guess it’s a dead letter now. But if I look at the dates when the litigation was going on — it was while I was living there the last time. So yeah. Less than 10 years ago they were debating dildos. I remember that when I moved there in 2001 it was illegal to own more than six if one did was presumed to be violating the law.

                But it did lead to a neat thing recently — when the students at the University of Texas were protesting the campus gun carry law, they called their protest “Cocks not Glocks.” that was pretty cool.

          • re computer, again, it depends on the machine. I was in a pinch once in Germany and had to replace a laptop, and it had this capacity to switch areas. However, a very cheap laptop that I bought in a similar situation in the U.S. did not.

            In general, it’s probably a good idea to buy an external drive anyway, as they seem to be disappearing from the latest model laptops (the ones I have looked at anyway).

          • Finally, the other thing that you can count on in Germany that people in the US at least cannot count on is that the record of your purchases is legally protected as a matter of privacy. This is not the case in the US. You can buy something privately, but you must more or less be aware that any point your purchase could become a matter of public record. Don’t know what the situation is in Canada.

  4. I so love this character, and there are several really touching scenes with him.

    A good word for this situation, too.

  5. totally huggable

  6. This was such a painful moment.

  7. I know this word, finally 😀 John S ❤

  8. One of my favorite, if not the…wait, oh yeah, Thorin. Okay, my second favorite Armitage character.

  9. John S. is definitely one of my favorite characters. He just melts your heart and yeah my computer switched 4 times to other zones finally bought multi regional to save the hassle.

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