Geez. I did not think the spoilers would start this fast.

If you don’t want to be spoiled for series 2, stay out of Keke Palmer’s snapchat stories. Shit.

~ by Servetus on March 29, 2017.

14 Responses to “Geez. I did not think the spoilers would start this fast.”

  1. Thanks for the tip.


    • if I understand snapchat correctly the stories disappear, so it won’t be as easy to find in about 12 hours, but still …


  2. I’d have thought cast and crew are expected to maintain a certain level of discretion about their work this early on in production.


  3. Omg Richard in glasses! That’s one thing we can thank her for!


  4. I don’t see the spoilers. Wasn’t this just a read through?


  5. Keke Palmer is sitting next to Leland Orser, right? So she must have had someone else take those pictures with her camera/phone. Or maybe these are photos that are cleared for publication?
    Nice to see them being busy, busy, busy 🙂


  6. Thank goodness I don’t do snapchat. I tried it once, but after a day I left it and took the app off my phone.


  7. I was going to ask one of my kids to see their snapchat… but if there’s a page of script, maybe I’ll leave it alone!


    • It may be gone by now, but I saw someone say she’d recorded it and posted it on YT (why???).

      For future reference, you can install an Android emulator (Blue Stacks is the one I use) on your computer that allows you to access Snapchat.

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