Tolkien nostalgia, kind of

From Brian Sibley’s blog (Sibley is a specialist on twentieth-century popular culture, a frequent guest on and writer for the BBC, and the author of the three Hobbit movie guides): News about an auction of Tolkien-related art: the original cover designs for the 1965 U.S. editions of the LOTR trilogy. An interesting article on how those images were designed and how Tolkien felt about them. It caught my attention because these are the editions of the books I own — my mom bought me The Hobbit at a rummage sale sometime in the 1970s and I got the LOTR books from The Physicist in the 1990s. Considering how Tolkien felt about them, those images will be sold for a pretty penny!

~ by Servetus on April 18, 2017.

2 Responses to “Tolkien nostalgia, kind of”

  1. Oh, gosh, ugly! The only thing i like is river and 2 flowers. I can’t believe she put a lion there, a lion???


    • It must be horrible to make an illustration for a book one hasn’t read. I was thinking yesterday that I have warm feelings about these covers because I am familiar with them but indeed, I never looked at them very closely.


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