Collateral attractions: Zoe Kazan’s got a new film

Interesting profile here.

~ by Servetus on May 30, 2017.

11 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Zoe Kazan’s got a new film”

  1. Really beautiful portraits of Zoe Kazan in that article. Like beautiful paintings.


  2. They are showing this at the Seattle Film Festival so I have seen clips of it on our “local” PBS station KCTS!


  3. I just saw a commercial for the film last night.


  4. I’ve liked her work (and her) for a long time. I really enjoyed both “Ruby Sparks” and “The F Word”. (Both were on Netflix.) Her Twitter is often interesting too. And I so wish I could have seen her in “Love, Love, Love”.


    • She said something really smart to an Armitage fan who was hassling her about the Broadway Cares initiative (the fan was angry that the actors weren’t holding out donation cans personally) — paraphrasing, essentially, that fans expect too much from actors and maybe she should use her energy to lobby a politician. I admired that.

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      • I remember reading that and thinking, “Good for her.”


        • I imagine that she was to some extent affected by the collateral effects of Armitage being in that play (twitter traffic from Armitage fans) and some of it was probably annoying. But I liked how she directed her frustration into a concrete suggestion for action.

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