From SDCC #richardarmitage #castlevania

From a fellow fan who attended the Castlevania panel today:

Adi Shankar, the show runner, and the director, Sam Deats, did most if not all of the talking. They mostly joked about what they couldn’t talk about to avoid spoilers.

Here is the only Richard Armitage-related stuff.

The moderator did ask about the casting process but only got generalities from the panel.

The moderator, Jessica Stein [Tseang?] from Girl on Geek, said, “Trevor Belmont was the shit.”

Crowd agreed with whoops and applause.

Director said they wanted to tell a story “with characters we love and adore.”

Most interesting part: The director spoke about Trevor’s duality, then added, “Didn’t Richard Armitage do an amazing job?”

Much applause here.

“We were so lucky to have Richard fall into our laps. He came in at the last minute. He blasted through it in one long, grueling session in Texas.”

Powerhouse Animation in Austin was the primary creative force and pitched their vision to Netflix, who originally planned Castlevania to be a DVD years ago.

Fellow fan reports: Armitage was the only actor mentioned during the panel. ETA: his name was pronounced correctly.

[Servetus wonders: did Richard Armitage visit any of her favorite Austin spots while he was there? Or was it just airplane — studio — airplane?]

~ by Servetus on July 21, 2017.

15 Responses to “From SDCC #richardarmitage #castlevania”

  1. Thank you very much to you and to the fellow fan for the report ! ❤


  2. This is so great, thank you! Out of curiosity, any word on what the audience participation was like? Full room, gender ratio, etc?


  3. My source says, the audience was mostly male; 20 to 30 yr olds. Most women in the audience were there with boyfriends. 80/20 male to female. Full room or about 100 to 200 attendees; its hard to know because I sat near the front and didn’t count. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic, cheered and clapped often. My 30 yr old nephew played the game and remembers it fondly. Most questions were asked by gamers regarding how closely the plot is going to follow the games. They answered 50% of the time with; “That is a spoiler. We can’t answer that.”


    • “Most women in the audience were there with boyfriends.” ??


      • They may not have been boyfriend/girlfriend couples, but they definitely were at the panel together. Maybe they were friends, maybe siblings, but some were couples. Why? There were two young women siting with two young men directly in front of (my source) chatting and texting on their phones, not paying any attention to the panel discussion the whole time.

        I think my source can be excused for thinking most pairings with both genders might be couples. Not that there are not a lot same gender couples here, it is not a place where you have to hide that, however, my source just didn’t happen to see any at the Castlevania panel.


  4. Thanks. If this was recorded in one day it must have been a while ago because I think I read the drawings were made to fit the words and hand drawn.


  5. Love that part about being the only one actor mentioned 😀 ❤


  6. Thanks for this. Good eating in Austin, I hear. Maybe he got a meal in.


    • Yeah, the restaurant scene is really strong and that’s one reason to visit. I hope he got to try one of my favorites! (but there are so many). It’s the main thing I miss.

      Also, you can get barbecue in the airport at 5 a.m. if you have an early flight. 🙂

      I see Powerhouse is north central, near my former therapist’s office. There’s a solid dim sum / sushi place near there … although I suppose they recorded it elsewhere. Ah, the hypothesizing … !


  7. Here’s another take on the panel (no mention of Armitage).


  8. […] got left out? It surprised me that despite the hugely positive general reception of Castlevania, the highest a related post managed in the rankings was #120. Some of this had to due with me only writing about it in detail once, with most posts limited to […]


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