Guylty’s blogiversary: Smashing walls

Happy blogiversary to Guylty Pleasure — who notes the many fateful events that occurred on this day in German history.

Blog on, my friend, and many happy returns!

~ by Servetus on November 9, 2017.

16 Responses to “Guylty’s blogiversary: Smashing walls”

  1. Oh my goodness 😂 – that’s a great edit! Thank you very much, Serv. Much bigger thanks are due to you for actually having started me on WordPress. I only signed up to the platform because I needed an account in order to write the ooofs on me+r. It gradually grew into more than my guestposts on your blog, but I still consider me+r my blogging ‘birthplace’. But you know all that.
    Re. smashing up things – I actually smashed one of my favourite tea mugs today. Does that count?


    • It was a great boon to me and I’m glad it’s been sustainable for you!

      re: Nov 9th, my college bestie and the most influential professor in my life (who is Jewish) have birthdays today as well. Big day!

      re: smashing tea cup — that is unfortunate. Hopefully you can find one that pleases you as a successor, but I know how aggravating that can be. Esp with my oral fixation about writing.


  2. Meine Omi hatte auch am 9.11. Geburtstag. Das mit den „besonderen“ Tagen ist bei mir in der Familie virulent : mein Papa hat am 1.9.39 Geburtstag und 3x darfst du raten, welchen Vornamen er trägt 😬 Schweres Erbe, das….


    • Nee jetzt, aber nicht A___? Oder welcher Name wird mit der Invasion von Polen in Verbindung gebracht?


      • Natürlich A! Zur Ehrenrettung muss man sagen, dass der Name tatsächlich damals nicht unüblich war. Ist halt das Zusammentreffen mit dem offiziellen Beginn des WW2, das es so bizarr macht.


        • Scheixe. Damit ist er ja echt geschädigt… Mein Vater und sein Bruder sind da gut weggekommen, obwohl beide zu NS-Zeiten geboren.


        • I was going to say — really common in that generation even before it became a trend name. But yeah, not something I’d necessarily want to remember all the time.

          on 1.9. 1996 I took the bar mitzvah group from the Göttingen synagogue to Bergen Belsen — and of the kids, no one was aware of the anniversary. The adults were really bothered by that, but I felt like it wasn’t a bad thing. “Never forget” doesn’t really need to mean “remember every single detail.”


  3. Na dann: Tassen hoch! 😊


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