Richard Armitage tangentially related mammoth edition, part 1

(Some of this will probably be ICYMI for some readers. I think it’s been a week. More updates about the me part, soon. I needed a break.)

Castlevania 2:

Ocean’s 8:

  • Den of Geek thinks Claude couldn’t have been framed so easily.
  • Linking this review mostly because of the author’s objection to Kaling’s assertion that male critics were not in a position to appreciate Ocean’s 8. As proof of his capacity to love female films he cites Bridesmaids (meh) and Wonder Woman (a teenager’s wet dream of a film if I’ve ever seen one). I think he kind of missed her point. For what it’s worth — while I do not agree that only women should review women’s films, I do believe that diversity of perspective in reviewing is essential and that the film criticism industry (at least in major outlets) suffers from lack of such. And I’m still turning over in my head the question of whether “female values” should lead critics to rethink the traditional categories with which they’ve critiqued film (in this particular case, the question of how conflict occurs would be a major field of discussion). This review makes a strong case for the latter point. Here‘s another interesting comment on the question, in part a response to Bullock’s and Blanchett’s assertions in the Telegraph on the same topic, although to some extent it misses the problem that in many of the reviews of this film by white men, there was no good faith attempt made to understand the film on its own terms (which is the first step in criticism). Thumbs up / thumbs down is not the be all / end of film reviews. Neither is (pace The Guardian) whether an individual finds a piece entertaining (although this article makes the good point that the task of reviewing a franchise film complicates a reviewer’s task enormously and leads to distrust of critics).
  • Second weekend box office held strong in the U.S. against the biggest opening of an animated film in history (I wanted to see The Incredibles but now it’s unlikely that I will have the opportunity). Reports at Forbes and Collider. Here’s also the previous day’s comment at Forbes, which points out that other than The Incredibles there was no comparable competition at all for 08. The real question is how it would hold against this weekend’s release, the next Jurassic Park film (I’ve only ever seen the first one, and it scared the shit out of me, so no more of that for me). Our local chain actually increased the 08-dedicated screens this week, perhaps in view of the disastrous reviews for JP. Apparently second weekends are usually good for female-centric films?
  • I appreciated this review of the film’s press conference, which pointed out that one female-centric film cannot be all things to all women, a point the Telegraph reviewer missed.
  • Interesting piece on the film’s premiere in Lagos, which none of its stars attended.
  • Another RT scandalGotti, which got a 0% critical score and which almost no one has seen, has more reviews than 08.
  • The waiter with the weed was the late James Gandolfini’s son.

Berlin Station:

Urban and the Shed Crew:

  • A second signed poster for the film sold for about a tenth of the price of the first one on eBay. Not sure what was up with that.
  • A late review. The loud sucking noises coming from this reviewer at Film Inquiry are getting impossible to ignore.

Wolverine: The Long Night:

  • Gulf News loves it: “With Wolverine: The Long Night, listeners got a chance to get inside the much-loved, adamantium-clawed mutant’s head in a way that hasn’t been done before and they largely pull it off because of lead star Richard Armitage’s superior voice acting skills. Armitage’s Logan is everything you’ve known him to be and more: vicious loner meets overzealous protector meets vulnerable man. If you are a fan of the comics, you have no excuse to not have tuned in to this beauty.”

Past projects:

Things about Armitage:

Collateral attractions / degrees of separation:


Industry issues:


~ by Servetus on June 24, 2018.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related mammoth edition, part 1”

  1. Wow! Lots of interesting, fun stuff in this post! Thanks, Serv. I hope your da continues to make progress and that you are taking a little care of you too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Servetus
    You may have lined these up already but here are a couple more Ocean’s 8 reviews: one is from The Sun, which describes Richard Armitage as ‘hugely exposed’ and uses his own tweet ,
    and the other is from Spiked, which doesn’t mention Armitage,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks — yeah, I think I got one of these. I get a whole pile of alerts and just stift through for these posts. Thanks!


  3. Take all the time you need.
    A friend on Twitter shared not one but two Schwartz articles. She wrote this one and one about suffering from two eating disorders. I have lots and lots and lots of questions about her, or I am over 45 and not patient with twenty somethings anymore.

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  4. 🙂 Beaucoup d’articles intéressants, je vous en remercie.
    Je souhaite que vous trouviez une personne qui puisse vous relayer auprès de votre père et ainsi que vous puissiez sortir de la maison familiale, vous divertir au cinéma, au théâtre….
    Vendredi dernier, grâce à une livraison à domicile, j’ai pris une heure de mon précieux temps, pour discuter avec une cliente d’origine allemande. Elle avait retenu le nom de Richard Armitage et voulait me parler de son jeu d’acteur en Thorin ( les films sont ressortis récemment à la télé).
    Elle demandera l’avis de ses proches outre-Rhin sur BS. Ne pouvant se déplacer, son fils devrait lui permettre d’accéder à Océan 8. Le plus beau est que, grâce à la fan attitude, nous avons échangé plus de vocabulaire français (” joute verbale”) et allemand. Traductrice et ancienne universitaire, elle adore prendre n’importe quelle occasion, pour avoir des discussions intellectuelles, quelqu’ en soit le sujet. De plus je ne regrette pas son conseil de regarder: “3 Billboards”= “Les Panneaux de la vengeance” film réalisé par Martin McDonagh avec Frances McDormand.


  5. I have to say I kinda liked the Den of Geek
    review/ play by play of O8. The reviewer took the time to go thru the plot and spoilers
    without hacking the movie to bits. If reminded
    me of play by play of a NFL football game.
    I liked the attention to detail although the
    reviewer could have seen the movie more than
    once or taken copious notes to get that precise. I’ve seen it twice now and found
    so much more details the second time (ie
    the 7 pieces being passed around to each
    woman) and the whole selfie stick during the
    real heist w the trapeze artist and Lou.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I felt like the second watch was instructive. Like, I didn’t really catch the significance of that scene with Cate Blanchett in the toy store until then.


      • Right! In complete candor first viewing w
        my friends we were a bit sloshed w wine
        ahead of the movie and as soon as Claude came on the screen I was googoo eyeing him for the rest of the time. Second viewing was popcorn and Cocoa Cola and my attention span was
        much better. Unfortunately no french fries or onion rings are available at my cinema.😋

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  6. Garlic bread, yummy too. The only nice thing about our cinema are stadium seating and you can recline the chair like a Barcalounger which come to think of it may be standard fare in most theatres these days. I regret not getting Milk Duds to go along with the Cocoa Cola.


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