Richard Armitage tangentially related

A day that started off with a huge argument about how to be safe in the shower (I have now abdicated this job — my brother will have to do it) and did not get better. However: I did get about half of the overdue comments answered. Thanks for your patience! You’re definitely preserving my sanity.

Some odds and ends:


Brain on Fire:

Ocean’s 8:

Social media:

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2018.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Merci, pour cette lecture sur l’art des poisons, sujet qui me passionne.
    – Voici un article qui énumère succinctement certains faits divers historiques, présentés dans un livre. Le poison y est décrit comme un “art féminin”.
    – et un autre article plus locasse:


  2. what is referred to as ‘local twitter’ has me scratching my head. sharing observations and complaints about life is the foundation of social media, giving that a specific label seems redundant to me.


    • I thought the point was that this was (a) a distinct group and (b) a different way of using Twitter, i.e., it’s like the crowd that would have been on FB moved to Twitter but kept all their FB habits.


  3. The Castlevania trailer looks good. That will be fun to watch.

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    • By the way, thanks for making the time to catch up on comments in the midst of everything. Hope things will get better, and at least your dad’s prognosis seems to be good.


      • I kind of knew at this point that if I let go of the fandom I might not be able to make it back in — just a feeling I’ve been having lately. And I really don’t want dad to take over my life permanently. So that means responding to the people who were kind enough to keep commenting while I was in extremis. And after all, I definitely do want to talk to everyone. I think I still have some June comments left but I polished off all of July.

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        • “…might not be able to make it back in”. Do you mean like inertia on your part? I know for me, as I was having to not post or interact as much due to the work/life pressures lately, I was thinking how easy it would be just to stop. And yet, it seems to be a valuable outlet for me, as it seems to be for you.

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          • I’ve felt for a long time that I’m not necessarily doing what I want with the blog — some of that is logistical issues (I need to fix my vid editing situation and haven’t had the opportunity or the resources) and some of it is this weird emotional place I’ve been in for while. I’m also totally flummoxed by the fandom these days and I feel awkward and uncomfortable in it a lot of the time. (The current political situation in the US and my persisting under employment haven’t helped my mood either.) So it just hasn’t been a good eighteen months or so, and I’ve felt a bit like I was hanging on by my fingernails some of the time. So if I stopped I had this feeling like maybe I wouldn’t find the emotional wherewithal to continue. And there are so many reasons I want to continue, at least ideally.

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            • For what it is worth as a newbie to your blog and to Richard I have found your blog comforting and relatable. My mom had a health scare last Thursday (5 July) I was on pins and needles all day texting my sister who lives in Texas where my parents live and my brother who lives up here in Wash DC near me. I was all over the place commenting and rereading old blogs as a distraction to what was going on w my mom (she turns 90 in November) and as a source of comfort bec you are so honest and I admire your integrity very much! She ended having a UTI instead of a bowel obstruction and is taking antibiotics now. But your blog got me thru some rough and nervous hours. So thank you for that.


            • It would be interesting to see what you really want the blog to be. It’s very diverse in terms of types of post — funny, newsy, introspective, analytical, etc. I know that you had said previously that you didn’t want to be Armitage’s publicist, and yet you do such a thorough job of bringing us the news. I hope that’s not a burden, but it’s definitely appreciated. In terms of under employment, I assume that wanting to be where you are for your dad limits your opportunities. I have an acquaintance who is a professor through distance education and seems to enjoy that — I wonder if that’s something you could explore. Or failing that, I can share some of my over employment with you. Lol.


              • I second you SueBC on that the blog is very diverse-there’s a little bit of everything here to appeal to a wide range of tastes. I for one think the spoofs (Richard and Ilaria texting back and forth about the O8 premiere was just ingenious and the one awhile back I just discovered about the phone conversation between him and his agent was equally hysterical) are a breath of fresh air esp in this tumultuous political times. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this blog and find the posts and commenters to be incredibly astute, loving, supportive, and eager to read what you blog.

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