Richard Armitage tangentially related

Some Hannibal fans are collecting contributions for a fan book for Richard Armitage at the Starfury Convention. This is something we used to do quite a bit some time ago. Here’s more information.

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~ by Servetus on November 18, 2018.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Thank you Servetus. I too would love to see Richard play Arturo Ui, he would be fantastic. He would probably be too tall though unless he could be diminished by some Hobbit wizardry or wore shoes on his knees. The last line in the play, ‘The bitch that bore him is in heat again’ is so chilling and still relevant. And, I also love the Coen brothers and hate westerns but saw Buster Scruggs yesterday. I really liked the tales and It looked extraordinary. Zoe Kazan was good although she oddly kept reminding me of her husband Paul Dano, perhaps they are morphing into one.


    • Esparza is Hitler’s same height, it’s true, but I’m guessing Armitage could figure something out. I’ve never seen it in English but I saw it twice at the Berliner Ensemble in the 00s, and it’s just such a great piece. (Armitage could be in just about any Brecht play, if it were up to me).

      OK — sold. I’ll move it into the “probably” column.


  2. So much variety in this one – full of gems I’m enjoying. Thanks, Serv. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Thank you for the insomniac piece. I like when the writer states jet lagged in your native tone zone that describes to a T how I feel on a consistent basis now. I envy all who can fall asleep at a drop while I lie awake churning over a pic of a 6’2 Brit wondering what will happen to his latest spy character or a song playing constantly on rewind in my head. Ugh but a very enlightening piece and a bit reassuring too 👏👍😉


    • It seems like that is the only symptom of the beginning of menopause that I haven’t experienced so far. Knock on wood. But pretty much everyone else I know is afflicted. I was actually able to sleep three extra hours on Friday morning — it was AMAZING.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So happy for you and envious too! I really hope the insomnia is not one of the first calling cards of menopause. I’m fighting that off as long as I can!🙄😬😩
        The insomnia started w me over a year ago and I thought it was all work stress related and
        loneliness and maybe feeling blue but now ??


        • Supposedly disruptions to sleep are pretty regular, but I haven’t seen a doctor about it, so I just know what I’ve heard / read here and there.


  4. Time zone sorry!


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