RIP Michael Thomas #richardarmitage

Michael Thomas and Marama Corley in The Crucible (2014).

Michael Thomas, who played Reverend Parris with such skill at the Old Vic in The Crucible (2014), has died. His bio is here.

In 2014 he did the Ice Bucket challenge in honor of the Anthony Nolan Trust, which facilitated a stem cell transplant that saved his life. Armitage also interrupted his own curtain call to support this effort and spoke on behalf of it. My description of that day is here.

Here is Thomas’ JustGiving page for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Here is Armitage‘s.

His funeral was today in Stoke Newington. At this link we find more information and requests for donations to Myeloma UK.

May his family be comforted along with all of those who are mourning.

Thanks to Christine for the info.

~ by Servetus on March 10, 2019.

9 Responses to “RIP Michael Thomas #richardarmitage”

  1. That’s sad. Much too young. On a happier note, Adrian Schiller, who played the Rev. Hale, has just had a son called Gabriel.

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  2. This is really really sad 😦 may he rest in peace. Thanks for the relevant donation links too ..

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  3. May he rest in peace!

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  4. Sad, may he rest in peace! I used to live in Stoke Newington–drastic changes since then. Thanks for posting the links.

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  5. […] For more context, see my previous post. […]


  6. Very much saddened by this news. I was only able to watch The Crucible on screen and not live but these incredibly talented actors and actresses captured my heart. May God bless his loved ones and help them through this hard time of loss.

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  7. […] Obituary for Michael Thomas (if you hit a paywall, try using private / incognito mode). Links to previous coverage of Michael Thomas on blog is here. […]


  8. Thanks for these comments. Those who saw him in The Crucible will not quickly forget him.


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