Richard Armitage tangentially related

First, a question in my own interest: do you plan to see Us? I don’t usually see horror films, and I had huge problems with Get Out (despite my fundamental sympathies with the political point) and I hear this is much worse in terms of the horror level, but now I’m seeing all these headlines with interesting comments about it (again as a political/cultural commentary).


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~ by Servetus on March 25, 2019.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Thanks for the round-up Servetus. I am intrigued by US. I didn’t see Get Out but it was highly-rated by reviewers but friends didn’t think it was all that. I’m picky about the horror genre – I only really like unseen thrills, where my mind is doing all the work – but the trailer for US made me want to see the film and I love the poster. I wish the distributors of Urban would explain what the problem is. After seeing it was unavailable on Amazon, I checked my order yesterday and it just said that the DVD had been purchased. I’ve just looked today and it says it will be delivered on Saturday ( which was the last date it was due).

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  2. Hello dear 👨🏻‍💻.
    I hope I understand your lines correctly and have a few more days to think about it. But I want to tell you something else: should you have a few bad hours 👨‍🚀 and quick contact could chase away the loneliness, then write to the word: Movie and I’ll visit you.
    I could tell jokes .. or we are quiet together ..
    You have the option, no matter how this continues with us and as long as you want. See you. ☀️


    • Thanks for your concern and good wishes. I’m just personally extremely overwhelmed right now, the worst I’ve ever been in my life (even worse than during my dissertation). Hopefully it will pass soon.


  3. disease porn is a rather harsh description from the author for Brain of Fire- the story really was based on her condition . It didn’t weave any other story around it. I think films/programmes like that actually have some use for highlighting unusual conditions


    • I think that the one causes the other, i.e., because Cahalan (and to some extent Theron) were really focused on the film educating the audience, the narrative ended up being extremely basic, just like the genre of “disease of the week” films we used to get on old style broadcast tv in the 80s. I take the critic’s point that it’s hard to watch too many of these. And there are definitely signs in the international press that the film raised awareness of the disease, so it’s apparently accomplishing what Cahalan wanted.


  4. Re Us: I don’t plan to watch it

    Re fans as free marketing experts: Hear, hear!

    Re name twins: I have one but thankfully she isn’t infamous. The badest thing that happened to us was a confusion at our local doctor’s office and a doctor who insisted on treating me for cystitis that I didn’t have 🙂

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  5. “Actors show different brain activity when in character, study finds ” and”Oakland University’s neurology club has seen the film”
    Definitly investigations on brain activities or desorders interests are in vogue, “à la mode”.

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  6. Sometimes you fall into a hole and a hand pulls you out again. But you have to see and touch the hand to get out of the hole!
    And after you can do what you want.


    • right now, what I need to have happen is for the semester to end (6 weeks). Then we’ll see …


      • Thanks to my around 1975 English grammar course, when I was told to remember this sentence: “He jumped not to fall into the ditch”. So this advice will remain forever in my brain and today it can be useful to you Servetus too. (just kidding)


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