Wolverine: The Lost Trail 5, first impressions [spoilers] #richardarmitage

[Continued from here. Disclaimer: I’ve never seen any Wolverine films or read any comics. I have not relistened to last year’s Wolverine: The Long Night, so my series and genre knowledge are limited to a vague memory of that. Also, I am making no comparisons to Hugh Jackman; I’ve only seen in him in Kate and Leopold and Oklahoma.]

Apologies — this is last week’s episode. It’s been a busy week. Note that the cast and creatives list has changed locations; it’s here now.

TL;DR: The action picks up here again after last week’s information dump, and a lot of what we learn and experience this time is particularly poignant — Logan’s memories of his time with Maureen, and the way he messed it up himself. Since I’m starting to really admire Logan I hurt for him as he re-experienced his erased memories. Some neat sound effects, too.

Riverboat Revival

Picking up where we left off last week, our heroes continue on their way to Miss Eyestone’s, paddling along through the bayou and disagreeing about the utility of consulting a mystic. When they meet her (Lizan Mitchell), she immediately realizes that Logan is 120 years old — and states that she will “open him up and see what’s inside.”

Cue episode title music.

Cut back to Pierce and Bonnie. Pierce wants to talk to Beaux, but he’s dead. (Here it becomes apparent that I was confused — the boat guy, Beaux, was a member of the Cold Blooded.) When Pierce reacts negatively, Bonnie says that he was helping “muties” and hiding it from them, so he had to die. The dispute continues: Bonnie says that she’ll take Pierce’s money but she’s doing the job “for free,” i.e., for the love of it. Pierce objects to Bonnie’s autonomy and threatens her with imprisonment at the hands of Weapon-X: this is an extraction they’re doing. Bonnie gives in, reluctantly. This time, her revolver’s filled with the tranquilizers she was supposed to use last time. Bonnie wants to kill Marcus to get at Logan, but Pierce states he’ll be mindwiped instead. Bonnie accuses Pierce of softness. Pierce tells Bonnie to keep a perimeter to prevent Logan from smelling them. Once Pierce secures “our targets,” Greenhaven and the remaining mutants will be Bonnie’s to dispose of as she pleases.

Back at Miss Eyestone’s, we hear creepy, voodoo-y, drummy music as she prepares a potion for them. She takes Logan’s hand, and extracts blood of his to put in the bowl with the herbs, along with his spit. (This is nonstop stereotype here, I’d just like to say.) Logan is supposed to eat the stuff, then take Miss Eyestone’s hands. Logan is panting and grunting as this is going on. She seems to be cutting further into his hands, past the hidden scars, and tells him that he’ll be seeing things soon and he needs to tell her what they are.

She tells him to follow the shadows he’s been running from. Logan reports that he can see Maureen. Flashback to Maureen (Rachael Holmes) telling him to wake up and stop fidgeting. She adjusts his helmet as she tells him to repeat a Weapon-X mantra: “Weapon-X is authority.” Cut to another memory: Maureen chastising him for sleeping on the floor all night and Logan reminiscing about Maureen welcoming him back after multiple mindwipes in the past. We hear Miss Eyestone whispering, “Deeper.” Cut to another memory: Maureen’s security clearance being improved, the threat of another mindwipe for Logan. Cut to another memory: Maureen talking about studying his brain in order to build better software for Weapon-X. Another memory: Maureen asking Wyngarde what he did to Logan. Cut back to the earlier level where Maureen is upset about Logan’s unconsciousness — now she’s left while he was out and gone to sing at Burl’s, which he thinks is too dangerous. But she can’t live locked up like he wants. He picks a fight with her; she doesn’t want to play a song for him. It’s painful to hear Logan put himself down, even in sarcasm. He tears up her journal and she orders him out.

Back to the level where Miss Eyestone is voodoo-ing Logan. She wants to know what happened next. Logan says that he left, as she asked, and as he describes his walk to the bar, there’s a neat stereo echo effect where his reminisces wander from left to right across the speakers. He’s observing a shooting in the French Quarter and took thirty shots from the shooter who emptied his clip — then Logan says, “I took off his head ….and it felt good.” There’s a bit of exultant chuckling in the background. Marcus obviously heard about the incident and is shocked.

Logan announces that there’s more to report. Marcus is upset and wants to leave. Now Marcus doesn’t want to know. But Logan wants to go deeper, for the information about Wyngarde. But Marcus bursts out of the house and Logan pursues him. The boat won’t start and we hear ominous noises in the background — like footsteps on a metal dock — as Marcus muses about the bad things about to happen to him. He tries to get a ride to another site on a passing boat, indicated by music — which ignores him, so he jumps into the bayou.

It turns out the boat is a gambling cruise, and this is explained by a female voice. Marcus tells her he needs quiet. In the cardroom, it’s Remy again — he remembers Marcus and excuses himself so they can talk. He apologizes for running away earlier and asks what happened with Logan. Remy tries to get Marcus to tell him what happened with Logan, but they get snagged on Marcus’ insistence that his mother is still alive. Remy has lost his mother, too, he says, but doesn’t seem all that sad. Marcus admits that he doesn’t know if Logan is who he thought he was; Remy notes, “that furball is no good at keeping friends.” Remy tries to console Marcus with a drink and a massage and some flattery. Remy wants to teach Marcus to play craps. He says if Marcus wants to find his mother, he needs to stop looking so hard.

Suddenly: CRASH! It’s Logan, accusing Remy of bringing Marcus to a club. He reveals that Remy has stolen Marcus’ mama’s necklace (as well as a bracelet from the girl, earlier). As Marcus is musing about where his mama is, he’s picked up and kidnapped by (I think) Bonnie.

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  1. […] from here. Disclaimer: I’ve never seen any Wolverine films or read any comics. I have not relistened to […]


  2. I’m enjoying this so much more than the first season. So nice to hear Logan throughout.

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