Space Sweepers ahoy

~ by Servetus on July 31, 2020.

16 Responses to “Space Sweepers ahoy”

  1. My current theory (and I hope I’m wrong): Richard is the robot/android. There’s something about the way it stands that reminds me of him.

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  2. He said he was reading about people like Elon Musk so I assumed because of this research he would play the financier behind the project.

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  3. This actually could turn out to be a fun movie.


    • I’m tentatively agreeing (haven’t read much about it, tbh). However, it will be another small screen only experience around here. Although if I knew they’d show it in Chicago I’d drive there to see it. Except that there’s a quarantine line across Wisconsin’s southern border. If we cross the line we have to self quarantine for two weeks.

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