Mane-lining Richard Armitage

I can’t read this, but. Please. More. When I get a free moment I’ll have to look for a translation.


~ by Servetus on August 18, 2020.

11 Responses to “Mane-lining Richard Armitage”

  1. I had trouble sleeping and, well, this did not help. 😉


  2. The first pic says, “At the time of filming, I was given a beautiful birthday cake and hanbok”.
    The second pic says, “This is Richard Armitage from London”
    I don’t speak Korean I just used Google translate on my phone. It uses the phones camera to translate the text. Very handy for japanese sewing books too.


  3. So is he in Korea? Or is this an old picture?


  4. I love your post title 😂 Not quite so sure on the actual mane myself 😄. But it was interesting to read that he sent the message from London. I thought he was back in the US at this stage…


    • Reminds me very much of his stage door look. [sigh]. So was the audible info in that interview that he was in NY wrong, or has he flown back and forth?


  5. Hm, I thought it made sense when the Empire interview claimed he was in NY. UV was over, lockdowns had been lifted, his private life was waiting for him in NY. So I would’ve interpreted this to mean that he’s back in London for a visit. Family stuff? Or a project?


    • In my comments somewhere, someone worked out that it would have been hard for him to get to NYC from London given shutdown dates (depending of course on what his immigration status in the US is). I don’t really have an opinion.


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