Did anyone else think “finally”?

Especially for those of us who remember the campaign to put North & South on Masterpiece a decade ago. There was a beautiful paper postcard designed by HeathRA — unfortunately I can’t find a digital copy of it.

~ by Servetus on February 6, 2021.

15 Responses to “Did anyone else think “finally”?”

  1. Yeay, great news for all the fans over there! 🙂

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    • And when I think about which of his stuff has been on PBS, I think it’s mostly Spooks and The Impressionists. So it’s nice to have a truly great performance on Great Performances. It’s a bit of a cultural index for a certain kind of upper middle class American.

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  2. oh, this is exciting!

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    • It’s really cool, although I think PBS operates in syndication, i.e., your local PBS affiliate has to pick up that episode.


  3. I can barely articulate how happy this makes me. Even before the pandemic, health stuff kept me from going to London and I just accepted that I was out of luck. That I’ll get to see it after all is an unexpected delight.

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  4. Such great news on my birthday! My cousin in London was bragging about having seen it again (we saw it last Feb,), now I will be able to see it again. I hope my PBS will be airing it, can hardly wait.

    I sent my PBS an email a few months ago asking them to add North & South to their programming – no response.


    • happy birthday! It IS great news.

      As far as North & South goes — I think it’s probably not too likely at this point. At the time of the campaign we did, we were told that Masterpiece wouldn’t pick it up, because it had been aired on a bunch of the local PBS affiliates. But it’s not clear that the affiliates have space for that kind of thing outside of the British programming they pick up via the national organization.


  5. Servetus, I’ve tweeted you about that North & South postcard by HeathRA.


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  8. Very pleased for you all across the pond.

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