This may start to get expensive

I just decided that I needed to have my own copies of *Between the Sheets” and “Moving On,” as watching them on youtube with only Mr. Armitage’s scenes has left me wondering about the original forms of these dramatic projects. I imagine “Sparkhouse” is next. One can view that in its entirety on the web, and it’s really quite a stunning film. The BBC is still actually investing some artistic energy in its television, and it shows. Also a great Armitage role.

These are all non-U.S. DVDs, so today I ordered a region-free DVD player. This was a big step for someone who doesn’t even have a cell phone. I don’t mind spending the money, and presumably if I ever tired of this stuff some of it would be resalable, but I wish that Armitage got some cut of it. I’d really just like to send him a check. Or a bank transfer. Or an international money order.

~ by Servetus on March 7, 2010.

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  1. I agree, he should get a cut of some of it. I just placed an Amazon order for 3 DVD sets: Season 3 of Robin Hood, Season 7 of Spooks, The Impressionists, and 2 books: The Sunne in Splendour (about Richard III — which I suspect I read once, years ago), and Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell (who I only discovered through Richard’s involvement in North and South).
    It IS getting a bit expensive (but worth every penny!)


  2. The key is if you get more than one use out of it. I was hesitant about buying “North and South” but it has been worth it, completely. I am probably saving money by rewatching it instead of going to the movies!

    I am pretty sure I read “The Sunne in Splendour,” too, when I was a teenager. I am looking forward to a reread. I hope that Mr. Armitage does get to do his Richard III project.


  3. When this RA obsession began, I was reading people posting about needing 2 copies of North & South (1 for watching and 1 for lending). I thought they were being rather extreme, until the time I had finally found someone who was willing to share my interest and had my DVD but was out of town THE SAME WEEKEND AS THE ANNIVERSARY OF N&S. I had an overwhelming NEED to watch it AGAIN, but I had to resort to Youtube. 😦
    Needless to say, I now possess 2 copies of said video!
    (At least the 2nd copy also has Cranford and Wives & Daughters)!


  4. I have three copies of N&S. My personal one, the one I lend (my teaching assistant has it at the moment), and the one I put in the library for students to watch. I turned a fellow colleague on to the series, too, and she bought two copies. She said she didn’t know what the second copy was for but it made her feel better to have a spare.


  5. Servetus (I can barely type that name without laughing; I guess I’m sadistic),

    So pleased to meet you, my fellow inmate. 😀

    Someone needs to do a study on this addiction. Think of the places you could go and the people you could meet! Of course it helps to be a university professor. 😀


  6. I find the YouTube versions can be frustrating if the RA bits only are shown. Moving On is a very interesting short film and I would recommend seeing the full version of BTS although there are a few very explicit scenes in the unedited version along with graphic dialogue. That aside, I found the story lines of all characters very interesting and it was superbly acted. One of RA’s best performances, imo.


  7. Welcome, bZirk. Yes, it could be a study of transnational media consumption in the 21st century. I am working on a book proposal already (grin)!

    Mulubinba, I love your blog and I almost didn’t start this one because I thought you were doing some of what I was interested in doing myself. Looking forward to some great exchanges. As beautiful as Mr. Armitage is, I think we lose a lot of what he is trying to do if we don’t read it as part of a larger enterprise that includes script, shooting, etc. I don’t mind just watching little pieces for his early cameo roles, but really understanding what is going on in these larger roles requires seeing things in context. Really looking forward to seeing all of BTS after your comment.


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  9. I haven’t found any comments from you about the Between the Sheets (BTS) series. I have seen the series and can say I was impressed with his acting in this one — sure the sexual stuff was a little ‘over the top’ for me — but when you just look at the arc of his performance (and the other actors too) you do see some acting. Since he has the character that truly has some hidden issues (I don’t want to be specific since you may not have seen the entire series yet) you can really see him act convincingly scene by scene. I believe the BTS series was filmed before North and South, and who knows if you will see him in this type roll again since he may be typecast as the “strong, silent type”.


  10. @DRS Alabama: welcome! I have had BTS on order for several weeks and don’t want to say anything until I see it. I’ve only seen the chunks on youtube, which are sex free, but it seems that sexual interactions are an important factor in the plot. As soon as I see it in full I am sure I will have something to say. And not just about his posterior. 🙂


  11. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

    As for BTS, I think the story is well written and well acted. But I also think the graphic sex scenes were not necessary to tell the story. They could have shown them having sex without showing them having sex. LOL!

    Seriously, I thought the story could have been told without making things quite so graphic. I’m pretty sure this view will be dismissed as the provincial view of an American or perhaps the stereotypical view of a pastor’s wife, but hey, I still think I’m right. 😀

    All of that aside, I look forward to a discussion with you, Servetus.


  12. I guess I can’t say until I have actually seen it. I don’t mind sex scenes on tv if they advance the plot somehow. My understanding from comments on BTS was that important dynamics are played out in the sex scenes.

    Long live pastors’ wives!


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